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What is the most positive way to identify a person?
When, if ever, do the friction ridges on a person's hands change during his/her lifetime?
Which terms is NOT used in classifying or describing fingerprints?
What term identifies fingerprints that spread apart at two ridges that have been running nearly parallel?
The delta and core located within the pattern area of loops and whorls.
Focal Points
The forking or dividing of one ridge line into two or more branches.
The points at which the recurring ridge of a loop-type pattern definitely turns inward or curves.
Pertaining to palm impressions of the hand.
A point is a ridge characteristics formed by bifurcation, ridge ending or dot.
The two innermost ridges that start parallel, diverge, and tend to surround the entire pattern area are called type lines.
The term plantar pertains to sole impressions of the foot.
Prior to fingerprinting a subject, what is the first thing you should have the subject do?
Sign the fingerprint card
A good fingeprint impression should be what color?
Dark gray
What is the purpose for taking plain fingerprint impressions?
To verify rolled impressions
When a photographic fingerprint impression is being taken, the photographic paper should be placed in a fixing bath for approx. how many seconds?
30 sec.
What is the greatest problem with making palm prints?
Palm prints are difficult to obtain due to the hollow in the palm.
What is the best method to record palm prints?
Use a tubular object wrapped with printing paper to roll the prints
Which will result in poor fingerprint impressions?
Failure to clean the inking apparatus.
Failure to clean the individual's fingers.
Failure to roll fingers properly
Latent prints fall under a total of how many general classifications?
What fingerprint powder has the advantage of showing up on either a dark or light background?
Dragon's blood
Which items should NOT be used to apply fingeprint powder?
Tissue paper
When using a short-wave ultraviolet light, the investigator should wear which apparel?
Goggles and Protective Clothing
What are the most common materials used for lifting latent fingerprints?
Rubber lifters and tranparent lifting tapes.
What type of tape is best for lifting prints located on curved or uneven surfaces?
Fingerprints patterns have a total of how many basic classification designations?
What fingerprint pattern has two or more deltas?
Accidental whorls
Patterns that flow toward the thumbs are known as what type of loops?
What Fingerprint loops flowing in the direction of the little fingers?
What type of pattern has the ridges forming concentric circles or spirals?
A loop must have a total of how many essential characteristics?
A positive impression made from a mold.
Anything making an impression.
Any indentation from which a cast is made.
A negative impression.
What should be the first thing done to an impression found at a crime scene?
Spraying an impression with which of the following material will help to strengthen the impression to support the weight of the casting material?
Plastic spray
Hair net spray
Usually how many coats of a spray material is sufficient to help support the weight of the casting material in sandy soils?
3 to 10
When plastic spray is used to help support the weight of the casting material, a thin mist of which materials should be allowed to settle on the print?
Light Oil
Reinforcement material should be added to the print after how much plaster has been laid?
1/2 to 3/4 in.
When added with the water used in making plaster, which of the following materials will hasten the setting?
When added with the water used in making plaster, which of the following materials will retard the setting 15 to 30 minutes?
It usually takes plaster how many minutes to harden after preparation?
20 to 30 min.
When casting under water and using plaster, how many parts of salt should be added to 10 to 12 parts of plaster to hasten the setting time?
3 to 4
Which casting materials is lighter than plaster of Paris, much more economical, and is highly recommended for use?
Dental Stone
Which casting materials may be used to obtain fingerprint impressions found in putty and caulking?
Silicone Rubber