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After being handcuffed, a person becomes violent, which devices should you use for additional control?
What type of law prohibits you from handcuffing prisioners to vehicle fixtures?
When you use an irritant on a suspect, which conditions requires that he or she be taken to medical for immediate emergency treatment?
Discharge of irritant at less than 2 feet into the suspect's face or eyes.
The suspect is not responding to normal application of the irritant formula.
Discharge of a large quantity of irritant in a confined area.
What type of weapon is the police baton?
Defensive, nonaggresive
What is the usual length of a police baton?
26 in.
Which areas would NOT be considered appropiate area to strike a suspect with a police baton?
Upper solar plexus
When breaking a front body hold, what is accomplished by flexing your knees?
Your balance will be maintained
When your arms are pinned to your body, which part of an opponent's body should you strike to break a front body hold?
Which actions should you take to break a rear body hold?
Stomp the instep of the offender.
Flex your knees
Strike the offender in the groin
Normally, the Master-at-Arms will use how many types of searches?
When you are escorting an offender down a sidewalk, where should you have the offender walk?
Between you and the buildings
In what year was the Customs Inspection Regulation, DOD 5030.49-R enacted?
What agency set a policy to eliminate the flow of drugs, narcotics, and other contraband into the United States?
What authority within the DOD is assigned as the executive agent for the responsability of customs inspection readiness?
Dept. of the Army
Which personnel must be granted a waiver before becoming a military customs inspector (MCI)?
When would crewmembers of a military aircraft departing from overseas and going to the CTUS normally have a baggage inspection?
Just prior to takeoff
Prior to the inspection and examination of passengers and crewmembers, what is the first thing a military customs inspector should do?
Brief the individuals on their responsabilities.
What form is used for clarifying explanations of exemptions?
DD 1854
Prior to inspection, what kind of remission should be set up for passengers and crewmen who have nonadmissible articles?
Have an Amnesty box readily available.
All civilian personnel traveling on DOD aircraft entering CTUS as a returning resident must fill out what customs declaration form?
Customs Form 5129
When entering CTUS as a returning resident importing duty-free articles, you cannot exceed the boundaries outlined in what DOD intructions?
All articles imported in the CTUS are subject to custom duty unless they have been exempted by-what authority?
Tariff Laws
Upon completion of the baggage inspection, what should the MCI do after authenticating the DD Form 1854?
Stamp the form and sign it.
When a restricted article is found that is not declared on DD Form 1854, what action should the MCI take?
Draw a diagonal red line across the face of the form to call attention to US Customs
Personnel who have completed custom processing are required to go directly to what area?
Accompanied baggage in excess of immediate personal needs is normally inspected by an MCI how many days prior to unit departure?
1 to 2
What inspection is normally conducted under technical supervision of US Customs and US Department of Agriculture advisors?
After completing a thorough inspection on a crate scheduled for CTUS, what MCI (label) DD Form should you immediately affix to the container?
DD Form 1253
What customs declaration form may be used in an enclosed letter or parcel?
PS Form 2976-A
Military deparments that operate ships and aircraft coming from overseas must comply with which of the following instructions?
DOD 5030.49-R
At least how many MCIs are usually maintained onboard a ship?
Aboard a ship, who provides written certification to clearance officials that a customs inspection has been completed?
Military Customs Inspector
Personnel must have been onboard a naval vessel continously for at least how many days before they are considered to have served on extended duty overseas?
120 days
What form is used to import authorized privately owned firearms into the US?
ATF Form 6
Who is the point of contact for the issue and destruction of MCI stamps?
Commander in Chief, US Atlantic Fleet
What are the CMAA's responsabilities in regard to shore patrol and beach guard?
Training &
Which intructions lists other shipboard duties for which the CMAA is responsible?
When should the MA force tour berthing compartments?
After Taps
After Reveille
During general visiting, approximately how many visitors should be assigned to each guide?
10 to 15
Who is responsible for the zone inspection procedure?
Damage Control Assistant
How long before getting underway should the MA force make an inspection of the ship for stowaways?
60 min.
The MA force is responsible for which safety duties?
Act as roving inspectors.
Assits the safety officer to keep the safety program working.
Make internal reports concerning safety violations.
Civilians are allowed to attend burial at sea services aboard ships, aircraft, and auxiliary craft.
Who directs the pallbearers during the burial at sea service?
How many flagbearers are used in cases where the remains have been cremated?
When an enlisted person is incapacitated and can no longer care for personal belongings, who must be present during the collection, inventory, and sealing of those belongings?
The Division Officer
A Divisional Petty Officer
For purposes of inventorying personal belongings, what is the classification of uniform clothing?
Class Two
Lucky bag items are in what category of personal effects?
What should be done with objectional material discovered during an inventory of personal effects?
Disposed of as directed by the CO
What publication contains detailed information concerning the handling and distribution of personal effects?
NAVSUP Pub 485
Who is responsible for establishing an evacuation bill aboard ship?
What authority is responsible for conducting a census of civilians evacuated from unfriendly shores?
Administrative Assistant
What mode of transportation may be used to transport civilians from unfriendly shores or a disaster area to the ship?
Small Boat
Fixed Wing Aircraft
Who is responsible for the Prisioner of War bill?