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Only standard equipment intrusion detection systems, which have a normal life-span of about 10 years, should be purchased.
When batteries are used as emergency power for intrusion detection systems, the batteries should last for a minimum of how many consecutive hours?
4 hours
How often should all intrusion detection system be tested?
How often should randomly selected sections of perimeter intrusion system be tested?
What authority is the single manager of the military working dog (MWD) program for the Department of Defense?
US Air Force
Who is responsible to the security officer for managing and operating the MWD section?
Kennel master
An activity with 17 MWD teams assigned should have how many kennel masters?
Patrol MWD teams must maintain a proficiency level of how many percentage points to remain certified?
The proficiency test for an explosive/detector MWD includes at least how many trials on each odor?
How often should the initial certifying commanding officer recertify the MWD team?
The normal work day for an MWD team should consist of 4 hours of work and 2 two hours of training?
Galleys and sculleries aboard ship should not be inspected by a MWD.
Who should be contacted for advice on updated guidelines regarding proper MWD search techniques
Staff Judge Advocate
How should the certification of a detector MWD be documented?
A letter from the CO in the probable cause folder
Where should reliable petty officers be stationed during a drug-detector dog (DDD) search?
At the entrance and exits of the search area.
When testimony is required from an MWD team member at a judicial proceeding, at least how many hours notice should be given?
48 hours
Who is responsible for making sure a recorder is assigned to the MWD team?
Chief Master-at-Arms
When an MWD "responds" to a person's locker, the CMAA has probable cause to search the locker without obtaining a command authorized search or consent search from the person.
Who should be notified immediately if a significant quantity of drugs is found during a search?
Within a maximum of how many days after a search should a follow-up report be forwarded to the security officer responsible for the MWD team?
7 days
Which info should be contained in the follow-up report?
Assignment location
Commencement time and date
Handler name and rate
Why should any substance found after the search be tested with a field test kit and a laboratory?
To verify MWD team proficiency
A handler may let other people pet his MWD.
Which action must a MWD handler take before releasing his dog?
Give a verbal warning to cease all movement.
What is the normal attire for an MWD member who is assigned to support the Secret Service?
Business Suit
To whom should a request for MWD support by local civilian law enforcement agencies be forwarded?
Which services should NOT be provided by the MWD team?
Legal Advice
Laboratory testing
Transportation of personnel
When the handler of an MWD is on leave, may another handler use his dog?
No, no one is allowed
Detector dogs may be used to search individual personnel
MWD teams may not be posted on quarterdecks or piers for the sole purpose of deterrence?
Which actions is the responsability of the uniformed patrol?
Respond to calls
Prevent and deter crime
Respond to non-crime demands
Generally speaking, patrol activities can be broken down into a total of how many basic categories?
Who is responsible for organizing, training, and directing the police force at a command?
Security Officer
Patrolmen are directly responsible to whom?
Patrol Supervisor
Monitors and directs the activities of the patrol units according to the direction of the watch supervisor.
Responsible to the security officer for the overall performance of the patrol division.
Operations Division Officer
Ensures that all patrol personnel are assigned to a patrol area.
Patrol Supervisor
Responsible for the accuracy, grammar, and format of report's submitted.
Patrol Supervisor
Assigns qualified personnel to patrol duties and maintains a record of such assignments.
Operations Division Officer
Ensures that the patrol duty section personnel maintain a smart and correct military apperance at all times.
Patrol Watch Commander
Safeguards prisioners placed in detention.
Patrol Watch Commander
Serves as an information source for patrol units.
Three types of patrol are foot patrol, motor patrol, and fixed post.
What factor determines the short routes normally used in foot patrol?
Trouble spots
Which duties are those of a foot patrolman?
Being curious
Giving directions
Parking patrol vehicle in which of the following areas would not improve public relations or effective enforcement?
Behind billboards
Among trees
Transportable radio sets use what type of energy supply?
110 volts AC
Internal batteries
When you initiate an unknown risk traffic stop, you should park the security vehicle 10 to 12 feet to the rear of the suspect's vehicle and offset how many feet to the left?
When you initiate a high risk traffic stop, the security vehicle should be parked 30 to 40 feet directly behind the suspect's vehicle
What aspect of an apprehension may determine if it will be controlled or uncontroled?
The first words spoken
Within the Marine Corps, IDS is centrally managed by...?
Explosives-detector dogs must maintain what percent of accuracy on each odor that has been certified to detect?
Drug-detector dogs must maintain what percentage on each odor the dog has been certified to detect?
What manual is used with the MWD program?
Military Working Dog Manual