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What are the stages of HIV infection?
What does thrombin time (TT) test for?
the common coagulation pathway
What abnormal clotting tests will there be in vonWillebrand disease?
increased bleeding time and increased aPTT
Why must you give heparin when initially starting coumadin therapy?
coumadin prevents gamma carboxylation of proteins C + S and for the first 2-3 days there is an increased risk of clotting
What does an elevated lactate dehydrogenase indicate?
it is an indication of ischemia
What is THE most common enzymopathy?
G6PD deficiency
What is the amino acid substitution for sickle cell anemia?
valine for glutamate at the Beta 6 position
Methyldopa and dopa are risk factors for the development of what autoimmune hemolytic anemia?
Hypersegmented neutrophils are evidence of what?
megaloblastic anemia
What do Howell-Jolly bodies represent?
nuclar fragments within RBCs that indicate RBCs are leaving the bone marrow while still immature
What disease is marked by RA and autoimmune destruction of neutrophils?
Felty's syndrome
What odd cell is increased in pertussis?
Do patients with CML have a low or high leukocyte alkaline phosphatase?
low (cells are not functioning properly)
TRAP and CD25 are associated with what leukemia?
hairy cell
What is the DOC for aspergillosis?
What is done to AmpB to limit the nephrotoxic side effects?
Lipid based AmpB has less side effects.
Which antifungal is famous for being a p450 inducer?
What are the malaria types that need treatment for liver hypnozoites?
plasmodium ovale and vivax
Which antimalarial drug is known to cause psychoses, and exacerbate G6PD def.?
Can a pregnant woman receive primaquine?
What is the DOC for Trichomonas vaginalis?
What is the first line drug for the treatment of late stage East African sleeping sickness?
What is the DOC for Toxoplasma encephalitis?
What is the DOC for strongyloides stercoralis?
Are most bacteria in the mough aerobes or anerobes?
What is the only bacteria that has no cell wall?
What is composed of polysacchardies and determines the virulence of bacteria?
cell capsule
Are endotoxins specific or nonspecific?
What is the O2 requirement of actinomyces?
obligate anaerobe
What is the most common cause of both otitis media and sinusitis?
strep pneumo
What gram positive cocci in clusters is catalase positive and novobiocin sensitive?
staph. epidermitis
What is the blood agar hemolysis pattern for Group B strep?
beta hemolysis
Which alpha hemolytic strep is bile insoluble and optochin insensitive?
strep viridans
Which Neisseria can cause waterhouse-friedricksen syndrome?
Neiserria Meningitidis
Which Neisseria can ferment maltose?
Neisseria Meningitidis
Are listeria and cornybacteria spore formers or non-spore formers?
non spore-formers
What bacteria causes fried rice poisoning?
What toxin from what bacteria causes gas gangrene?
alpha toxin from clostridium perfringens
Are clostridium botulinum spores heat stable or labile?
heat labile (but the toxins are heat stable!)
What enterobacteria is motile and doesn't ferment lactose?
What is the most common cause of a UTI?
E. coli
What bacteria causes currant jelly sputum and lobar pneumonia?
What scenario is typically associated with vibro parahemolyticus?
eat uncooked seafood (sushi)
What is the vector for tularemia?
What is the vector for bubonic plague?
What causes a chancroid?
Hemophilus ducreyi
Which of the two forms of leprosy yields a negative skin test?
lepromatous leprosy
What bacteria causes lump jaw after tooth extraction and is associated with sulfur granules?
What causes leptospirosis and is associated with rat urine?
L. interrogans
What is weird about the cell wall of chylamidia?
it doesn't contain peptidoglycan
What form of chlamydia infects cells?
elementary body
What is the vector for rocky mountain spotted fever?
What are the 4 main symptoms of rocky mountain spotted fever?
fever, headache, conjunctival redness, rash that starts at wrist and moves toward trunk