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What is the pathology behind chronic mucocutatneous candidiasis?
T cells dont mature and cant clear candida
Which phagocyte disorder demonstrates a yellow NBT test?
chronic granulomatous disease
Which SLE nephropathy is considered the most severe?
diffuse proliferative nephritis
What the is the deficiency in Bernard-Soulier?
Gp1b which binds von Willebrand factor to platelets
What is the only inherited disorder that results in abnormal platelet and clotting factors function?
vonWillebrand disease
Lisch nodules are indicitave of what disease?
NF1 (von Recklinghausen)
What cancer are people with von Hippel Lindau at particular risk for?
renal cell carcinoma
What is the pathology behind ataxia-telangiectasia?
DNA repair enzymes don't work
What is the trinucleotide repeat in Fragile X disease?
What is the classic triad of Wiscott-Aldrich syndrome?
otitis media, eczema, thrombocytopenia
Which chromosome 15 deletion syndrome is associated with severe hypotonicity as an infant, obesity, and mental retardation?
What disease is associated with HLA-DR2 and intention tremor?
Multiple sclerosis
What is the most common cause of osteomyelitis in IV drug abusers?
pseudomonas or serratia
What is the most common cause of septic shock?
Gram negatives
What is the mechanism of action for amantidine and rimantidine?
they bind the M2 receptor on influenza A and prevent the uncoating of the virus
What group of viruses does vidarabine kill?
all the herpes viruses (HSV1-2, EBV, CMV, varicella-zoster)
Which drugs are the neuraminidase inhibitors?
zanamivir, oseltamivir
Which antiviral drug is nephrotoxic (Fanconi) and teratogenic?
Which bone disease is associated with a lack of Vit D and an elevated alk. phosphatase?
Which bone disease is associated with a mosaic pattern and extremely high alk. phosphatase?
Paget's disease
What type of cartilage is developing bone?
type II (hyaline)
Which benign bone tumor is extremely painful?
osteoid osteoma
What does Codman's triangle on an X-ray mean?
Which muscular dystrophy is associated with pseudohypertrophy of calves?
Duchenne (the most common one)
What is the most common supratentorial tumor in children?
Lewy bodies represent what CNS disease?
Oligoclonal bands is most likely tto represent what disease?
Multiple sclerosis
What two hormones do eosinophile cells in the anterior pituitary produce?
GH and prolactin
What is the tumor of the adrenal medulla called?
What thyroid disease results in fibrous replacement of thyroid tissue?
Between papillary carcinoma and follicular carcinoma of the thyroid, which is more common and also less aggressive?
How can chronic renal failure cause bone osteodystrophy?
dont excrete phosphate and it binds to calcium causing hypocalcemia which triggers PTH to activate osteoclasts and demineralize bone
What effect does gestational diabetes have on the fetus?
fetus releases more insulin to make up for the lack that the mother prdouces and results in fetus gaining weight and more likely for birth trauma
Which multiple endocrine neoplasia is associated with gastrinoma?
What skin disease is associated with squamous cell carcinoma in situ?
Bowen's disease
What disease is cavernous hemangioma associated with?
Vinyl chloride poisoning is most associated with which cancer?
liver angiosarcoma
What disease is associated with the depigmentation of the substantia nigra?
What organ can you sometimes find a Ghon complex?
India ink staining is used for what?
What are the Hardy-Weinberg equations?
p^2 + 2pg q^2= 1

p + q= 1
The head of rib 11 would articluate with the inferior facet of which vertebral vertebra?
What makes rib T2 atypical?
it has an extra rib tuberosity
Which ribs are the true ribs?
What are the primary muscles of respiration?
intercostals, diapraghm
What is the anatomical landmark to find T4?
Sternal angle (angle of Louis)