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Will a prolactinoma usually compress the optic chiasm?
yes it will
What is the ultimate cause of PCOS?
LH overproduction
In general, what is Simmond's disease?
What symptoms would a patient present with if they were hypokalemic?
muscle weakness and constipation. (skeletal and smooth muscle)
What is the BEST test for detecting a pheochromocytoma?
24 hr urinary VMA
What is the typical presentation for a neuroblastoma?
child less than 3 yrs old with abdomen mass
What is dermopathy?
pretibial myxedema that is seen in Grave's disease
What disease causes a nodular toxic goiter and is seen in post-menopausal multi-parous women?
Plummer's disease
How would treat DeQuervain's thryoiditis?
NSAIDS (self limited disease)
What signs and symptoms would a person with a follicular adenoma of the thyroid present with?
hyperthyroidism because mass in functional
What thyroid tumor produces psammoma bodies and Orphan Annie nuclei?
papillary carcinoma
What thyroid tumor shows hypocalcemia?
medullary carcinoma
What are the lab values for secondary hyperparathyroidism?
hi PTH, lo Ca, hi phosphate
What is the cause behind pseudohypoparathyroidism?
the PTH receptors are not functioning
Does renal osteodystrophy cause osteoporosis or osteomalacia?
What causes a diabetic coma in type II diabetics?
too much glucose draws water out of brain cells resulting in coma
what is the auto-antibody for type I diabetics?
anti-islet cell
What is the consequence of a pregnant woman secreting too much human placental lactogen?
gestational diabetes
what is MEN type 1 also known as?
Wermer's syndrome
what is MEN type 2 also known as?
sipple's syndrome
is PZI a short, intermediate, or long acting insulin?
long acting
what is the MOA of miglitol?
alpha glucosidase inhibitor
what is the major difference between meglitinides and sulfonylureas?
meglitinides dont lose their effectiveness over time
what is the MOA of sitagliptin and saxagliptin?
inhibit DPP-IV
type IIA familial hypercholesterolemia has what defect?
abnormal LDL receptors
familial hypertriglyceridemia is what type?
type IV
what is the first line drug for hypertriglyceridemia?
fibric acids
describe the MOA by which statins can be antiinflammatory?
statins decrease mevalonate which decreases ACE, which decreases aldosterone, which decreases NADPH oxidase in macrophages, which decreases their inflammatory effects in atherosclerotic plaques
what antimuscarinic specifically binds to M1 receptors in the stomach to decrease stomach acid?
What respiratory quotient value indicates someone is hypoventilating?
what is the early acid-base disturbance in salicylate poisoning?
metabolic acidosis plus respiratory alkalosis
what is hemoglobin in the embryo called?
Gower 1
would a decrease in pH cause a right or left shift in the oxygen-dissociation curve?
right shift (more acid)
alpha 2 globin in the blood is responsible for what blood protein?
in orthostasis, does systolic blood pressure change?
no, diastolic increases
what two structures does the ductus venosous connect?
umbilical vein and inf. vena cava
what portion of the loop of Henle is water impermeable?
thick ascending limb
is NH4 a titratable or nontitratable acid in the kidney tubule?
what is the formula for filtration fraction?
would hyperaldosteronism cause hypertonic hydration or hypotonic hydration?
hypertonic hydration
what syndrome is characterized by high renin, angiotensin, aldosterone, but NORMAL blood pressure?
Bartter's syndrome
what 3 major cell types form the juxtaglomerular apparatus?
JG cells, macula densa, mesangial cells
what disease is characterized by a defect in the neutral amino acid transporter?
Hartnup disease
what is primarily released from chief cells?
what nuclei in the hypothalamus do baroreceptors that detect increase BP go to?
supraoptic and paraventricular
do patients with Conn syndrome get edema or hypernatremic?
surprisingly NO!
what subunit of the insulin receptor has tyrosine kinase activity?
Beta subunit
at month do children typical learn to sit alone/stand with help?
7 months
an IQ of 45 would be considered what?
moderate retardation