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The results of mast on an officer are officially recorded in what manner?
Letter report to PERS-82 via the first flag officer in the chain of command
The unit punishment book contains a record of all NJP hearings conducted by a commmand
When should the NAVPERS Form 1626/7 be used for the entry in the unit punishment book
When all administrative actions have been completed
When a CO refers a case from mast to a court-martial, what service record entry, if any, must be made?
What year did the Navy change its drug policy to fully support a zero tolerance to drug abuse?
What is the maximum punishment for the possesion of Schedule IV and V controlled substances?
Confinement for 10 years and a DD
Which of the following aproaches to the potential drug abuser is becoming recognized as a valuable tool in fighting the drug problem
Which is an example of an abused nonnarcotic drug
The Drug Abuse Control Amendments were added to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act during what year?
The purpose of the Drug Abuse Control Amendments was to eliminite traffic on which drug?
Amphetamines and barbiturates only
The Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) is now known as what agency?
Opium and Heroin
Nonnarcotic substances having a potential for abuse because of their deppresant or stimulant effect on the central nervous system
Dangerous Drugs
A sleep-inducing agent
An agent that quiets activity
Stimulants are used to treat which of the following medical problems?
Which type of drugs calm and sedate?
Distortions of time, space, and sound are sometimes caused by which type of drug?
Delirium is characterized by which condition
Mental excitement
A person who illegally used drugs for kicks falls under what category of drug abuse?
Drug user spree
To be termed a drug addict, a person must have which conditions?
A tolerance for the drug
A phychological or compulsive dependence
Withdrawal symptons in the absence of the drug
Physiological adaptation of the body to the presence of the drug is described by what term?
Physical dependence
An attachment to drug use that arises from a drug's ability to satisfy some emotional need of an individual is known by what term?
Psychological dependence
Which of the following terms describes a major mental disorder?
A state arising from repeated administrations of a drug
Drug dependence
A need to increase the dosage of drugs to maintain the same effect
When the combined action of two or more drugs is greater than the sum of the effects of drug taken alone
As a result of the repeated consumption of a drug, a condition that includes little or no tendency to increase the dose
Can be very useful in certain medical procedures, but may also be dangerous?