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Which conditions must exist before military intervention in a civil disturbance is ordered?
The extent of the disturbance makes it obvious that local authorities will not be able to restore order
Who is responsible for coordinating all Federal Government activities relating to civil disturbances
The Attorney General
In the event of a civil disturbance, who has been designated Executive Agent for the Department of Defense in all matters pertaining to the planning of military resources?
The Secretary of the Army
Intervention falls into a total of how many categories?
What term identifies a temporary government function organized to restore order within a country or locality?
Martial Law
What term identifies a mass of people whose members lose their concern for laws and authority and follow their leaders into unlawful and disruptive acts?
Who is influence by psychological behavior factors during civil disturbances?
Officer in charge of the control force
Chief Petty Officer in charge of the control force
Members of the crowd
What would cause a control force member to commit acts that he would normally suppress?
Feeling of anonymity
Which conditions can help stem or prevent impersonality between members of the crowd control force?
Racial and Ethnic balance
An understanding of the people involved in the disturbance.
Which characteristics will help a person resist the tendency to conform with group behavior?
Strong convictions
Which characteristics replaces the normal control within members of a crowd when emotional contagion prevails?
Raw Emotion
A crowd usually considers its actions to be...
morally justified
Why do mobs often direct verbal abuse toward disturbance control forces?
To cause them to take actions that later may be exploited as acts of brutality
Involves extremely violent, often radical tactics.
Involves many small groups of dessidents acting irrationally out of fustration and bitterness
Dispersed riot
Involves fanantically dedicated participants on whom the threat of arrest has little or no effect
Idealistic protest
Involves thousands of people protesting within their rights
Mass demonstration
The control force should avoid using provocative measures to impose a degree of control beyond its capabilities
Which factors may influence or necessitate the decision to seek an interim objective
Time of day
Sympathies of the public
Magnitude of the confrontation
What is the primary factor that contributes to the reduction of intensities between the control force and the dissident element?
Out of the principles of civil disturbance control. Which one is applicable in full measure to each disturbance situation?
Minimum force
Which policy statements regarding the use of deadly force is true
The use of deadly force should be preceded by a clear warning
Which actions is the main objective for isolating an area during a disturbance?
To prevent the disorder from spreading
Which factors is NOT a variable of a crowd or mob?
Crowd and mob mood
What characteristics does a crowd possess that is not present in a mob?
A collective sense of fear
What is the attitude of mob members toward the law
They loose all sense of fear of the law
Out of the crowd control techniques which one includes an attempt to facilitate the protestor's opportunity to peacefully demonstrate
When the military is charged with control of a civil disturbance, who will issue the Presidential proclamation to the community?
CO's representative at the scene
What crowd control technique would employ the marching of a well-equipped and highly disciplined control force into view of an assembled crowd?
Show of force
The actual apprehension and processing of civilian law violators should be done by what authority
Civil police officers
When used against a mob during cold weather, which of the following is a highly effective deterrent?
Which tactics should not be used against a mob
When the front of the mob cannot retreat because of pressure from behind, the mob should be attacked from what direction?
The rear
Using blank cartridges is highly recommended when combating mob violence
What formations are most frequently used to disperse mobs?
A helmet, face shield and flak jacket are sufficient protection to confront a mob
An offensive formation used to penetrate and split crowds
Used to turn groups in either open or built-up areas, and to move personnel away from buildings
Used to push or drive crowds straight back or accross an open area
Which riot control weapon is most effective in a crowd control operation and, if lost, does not create a serious threat?
How should you familiarize your control force with the stress of mob confrontation
Conduct an actual riot using some of your force as the mob
Control forces on duty for extended periods of time tend to suffer from which of the following conditions
Which element may cause a control force to act excessively?
The fatigue factor
A permanent deviation from a specific security requirement.
Any unit of the naval shore establishment.
An armed force derived from host and tenant commands
ASF(Auxiliary Security Forces)
Petty larceny
Corrective courses of action and expected dates of completion.
Principal advisor in matters pertaining to the security of classified information.
Security Manager
Offensive measures taken to prevent terrorism.
All assests
A real property entity
Responsible for the development of a command's physical security program
Security Officer
A written temporary relief
A grouping of facilities
Who is ultimately responsible for all security?
What intruction covers in detail how the security officer should perform his duties?
The duties of a Security Department falls into a total of how many basic categories?
Regardless of its size or mission each activity is required to have which of the following security committees?
Who should act as the chairperson of the physical security review committee?
Security Officer