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Validity: Degree to which a test measures what it says it measures.
Reliability: The consistency or stability with which the same event is repeatedly measured.
Interjudge Reliability:
Interjudge Reliability: How similarly a client’s performance is scored by two or more judges.
Intrajudge Reliability:
Intrajudge Reliability: Consistency with which the same observer measures the same phenomenon on related occasions.
Nominal Scale:
Nominal Scale: A category is absent or present.
Ordinal Scale:
Ordinal Scale: Numerical scale that can arranges according to rank orders or levels.
Functional assessment:
Functional assessment: Evaluates a client’s day to day communication skills.
Criterion Referenced Testing:
Criterion Referenced Testing: A form of assessment in which the examiner selects target behaviors to be assessed and uses stimulus materials that are effective for and individualized to the particular client.
Static Assessment:
Static Assessment: Measures a client’s performance at one point in time.
Dynamic Assessment:
Dynamic Assessment: Measures a client ability to learn over time when provided with instruction. Test-teach-retest.
Independent Variable:
Independent Variable: Directly manipulated by the experimenter. Causes changes to the dependant variable.
Dependant Variable:
Dependant Variable: Affected by the manipulation of the independent variable. All variables are dependant.
Public Law 94-142
"Public Law 94-142 Education of Handicapped Act (1975)/Individuals with Disabilities Act (1990) Mandated free and appropriate education for disabled students from ages 3 -21.
Public Law 99-457
"Public Law 99-457