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Q: What is the WAIS-IV Split 1/2 reliability for FSIQ?

What about the SEM for FSIQ?
Test retest reliability?
Split half - .98

SEM 2.16

Test-retest- .96
Q: What are the PRO's of IQ Testing?
- predict short-term school performance
- assess individuals strengths & weaknesses
- Predict occupational achievement
-Reveal important personality variables
-allow us to trace possible changes in an individual/population
Q: What are the reliability statistics of the WISC-IV? Internal consistency? test-retest?
Internal - FSIQ-.97
Test-retest: .89
Q: Cons of IQ testing?
-IQ scores don't measure innate, fixed ability, and their use in classifying minority groups has been questioned
-there has been an overemph on understanding end product of cog functioning & neglect in appreciating underlying cog processes
- limited in predicting certain apsects of occu success and non academic skills
Q: What are the WAIS-IV Verbal Comprehension index & subtests?
-Core: (VIS)
--vocab- language dvlpmnt
--similarities- logical abstract reasoning
--info- range of general factual knowledge

comprehension-knowledge of conventional standards of bx
Q: What are the WAIS IV perceptual reasoning index & subtests?
Core: (BMV) Block Design, Matrix Reasoning, Visual Puzzles

Supplemental: Figure Weights, picture completion
Q: What does Block Design measure?
Analysis of whole into component parts
Q: What does Matrix Reasoning measure?
Visual Spatial reasoning
What do the visual puzzles measure?
Visual recognition & identification
Q: What do the figure weights & picture completion measure?
nonverbal math reasoning & visual recognition & ID
Q: What do the working memory index & subtests measure in the WAIS IV?
Digit Span- immediate rote recall
Arithmetic - computational skill

Letter/Number Sequencing - auditory short term memory, sequencing ability
Q: What are the processing speed index & subtests? What do they measure in the WAIS IV?
Core: (PSI- CS)
Coding - psychomotor speed
Symbol search - speed of visual search

Cancellation - perceptual recog, discrimination & scanning
Q: What 2 parts of the WAIS IV can be lowered by poor motivation to perform well? These 2 indexes are referred to as validity factors.
Processing Speed
Working Memory
Who launched the first testing movement? When?
Galton in 1869
When was the Binet-Simon Test published? What term did it develop?

intellectual quotient ratio of mental age/chronological age
Who developed the Stanford Binet test? When?
LM Terman in 1916
Who was the Army Alpha tested on in 1917
standard administration
Who was the Army Beta tested on in 1917?
Illiterate and non-English speakers
When was the Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence Scale first published? What was in it?

Stanford-Binet, Army Alpha, Army Beta
When was the WAIS created? What does it stand for? What problems in the WBIS did it address?
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
Addressed problems w/reliability & non-rep sample size of the W-B
What did the 1981 WAIS-R add to the WAIS?
re-normed w/sample of 1880 ppl
Added 9 age groups
What did the WAIS III add to the WAIS R
Extended age groups
New subtests
Linked to Wechsler Memory Scale
What did the WAIS IV add to the WAIS? What did it take out?
Took out: VIQ, PIQ
Added: updated norms, 16-90 yrs
15 subtests w/10 core & 5 supplemental
FSIQ & indexes based on 10 core
normed linkage to WMS
Special kits for neuropsychologists & geropsychologists
What did the WISC R add to the WISC?
standardized it to a new sample that was more representative of the US

What did the WISC III add to the WISC R?
Added in 4 factor/index scores (Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Org, Freedom from Distractibility, & processing speed)
When was the WPPSI first developed? What does it stand for?
Weschler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence
4 - 6.5 yrs old
What did the WPPSI R & WPPSI III add to the WPPSI
renormed and broadened age groups first to 3-7.3 and in 2002 to 2.6-7.3
What is the split half reliability for the FSIQ on the WAIS IV?
What is the test-retest reliability for the WAIS IV FSIQ?
What is the SEM for the WAIS IV FSIQ?
What was the most important step in the validation of the WAIS IV? Why?
Correlating it w/the WAIS III b/c the WAIS III has had an extensive # of validity studies backing it up. Their correlations is .94
What is the Mean Internal Consistency for the FSIQ in the WISC IV?
What is the test-retest reliability for the WISC IV?
FSIQ = .89
What is the correlation of the FSIQ for the WISC III & WISC IV?