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When communicator is credible, receiver's initial position will change if...
receiver's initial position is largely discrepant from the communicator's position
Anxiety reading about an accident after having an accident months ago is called...
mediated generalization
Assessment centers differ from other selection methods in their use of...
performance based assessment
Deception in an experiment is acceptable if...
if value of the study warrants deception
Most common cause of cerebral palsy is...
trauma at time of birth
Children who have high activity level react to pressure by...
increasing nonproductive motor activity
What does research show about treatments for alcohol abuse?
no treatment is better than any other
A verbal message that is contradictory to the person's tone & posture is an example of...
a double-bind message
Gestalt therapy works on integration...
thought, feeling, & action
Suicidal people most dangerous to self when...
as they begin to recover from their depression
Behaviors that are moderate in frequency & don't have a clear-cut beginning/end should be observed using...
interval recording
Early babbling infants from different language communities all sound alike because...
their babbling contains the full range of phonemes that comprise all languages
Improving employment opportunities for socially disadvantaged means using which type of personnel test?
work sample type of test