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Name some unique benefits in ear monitor systems provide.
Reduced stage volume; better sight lines; more space on stage; don't need to ring out; band plays better; better house mix; less bulk; quick setup/tear down
How does an ambient microphone fed into a musicians in ear monitor mix help the musician?
artist hears crowd; allows communication on stage; helps with localization
What does the term "Loop Unity Gain" refer to?
Feedback; when the speaker reinforcing the source and the source level are equal at microphone capsol; generaly locks into specific frequncy.
Name 3 things that factor into the potential for feedback.
Speaker response; microphone response; acoustic environment.
What does the term "Equivalent Acoustic Distance" (EAD) refer to?
distance of the closest listener estimate needed acoustic gain
Equation for Needed Acoustic Gain
NAG = 20 Log(DL/EAD)
What is Potential Acoustic Gain?
amount of acoustic gain a system can acheive before feedback
How does changing the distance between the source and the mic affect the acoustic gain?
smaller distance = more gain; dis/2 = +6db
how does the number of mics on stage affect acoustic gain
more mics = less gain
4 ways EMI is transmitted
Magnetic field coupling; electric field coupling; EM radiation (RFI); common impedance coupling
ways to reduce EMI
shielding, separation, twisting, isolations, fix pin 1 problem, balanced interconnection
explain balanced differential input
"Common Mode Rejection"; differential amp ignores identical differential to ground
most common system used for technical grounding in audio system
isolated star grounding
what is the pin 1 problem
input ground tied to circuit ground; noise affect reference, inducing noise into signal
how can you solve pin 1 problem
tie circuit ground to AC chassis groung
What is the maximum recomended length of an unbalenced cable
3 primary factors determining power loss in speaker cable runs
length; load; guage
how does reactance affect speaker cable
frequency response
what does the 5% rule state
cable resistance should not be more than 5% of load resistance
what is the damping factor
how well an amp can control a loudspeaker
job duties of a tour manager
in charge of show; travel planning and lodging; band and entourage; pays and accounts all expenses; settles show; oversee merch; enforce contract
job duties of production manager
tour personal; sound, lights, stage, set, backline; euipment transportation; set up production office; advance work; day sheets; food; enforce rider; pre-show check; show start
4 advantages of fiber optics
low attenuation; high bandwidth; immune to RFI/EMI; difficult to tap; dielectric; light and small;
2 methods to splice fiber optics
fusion and mechanical
what soes the Fs signify?
resonant frequency ofdriver
what is a "Face" in Ease
a collection of verticeis that make up a plane; has acoustic properties