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Stable Angina
pain that is precipitated by excertion
Unstable Angina
prolonged, recurrent pain at rest

indicative of immenient MI
Prinzmetal Angina
intermettent pain at rest
152, table 10-1, 10-2
Rheumatic Fever
multisystem inflammatory disorder, children 5-15

transient mild migratory polyarthritis

1-4 weeks after tonsillitis - group A B-heme Strep

inc ASO

Aschoff Body - area of focal interstitial myocardial inflamm that has frag collagen and fibrous material, large cells(Anitschkow cells), and multinucleated giant cells(Aschoff cells)
Rheumatic Fever - Clinical
Pancarditis (Peri, Myo, Endo Cariditis)

Rheumatic Endocarditis - points of valve closure, post wall of LA; forms MacCallum plaque

Valve leaflets red, swollen, nonfriable, rubbery vegatations

Then, fibrotic healing and u get thickened, fibrotic, calcified valves - RHD

Fever, malaise, inc ESR, Arthritis, Arthalgia, Migratory Polyarthritis, Subcutaneous nodules, Erythema Migrans, Chorea
RHD - Mitral Valve
most frequently affected

stenosis - fishmouth, buttonhole deformity; higher diastolic pressure in LA than in LV

also insuff possible
Infective Endocarditis
large, soft, friable vegatations of fibrin and inflamm celss

can ulcerate or rupture one of cordae tendineae

Acute - Staph
Subacute - Strep viridans, pts with CHD, or prexisting valvular HD

mitral most freq
tricuspid - intraven drug users (Staph)

Complications - Distal Embolization, Septic Infarcts, Focal glomerulonepritis
NonBacterial Thrombotic Endocarditis (Marantic)
assoc with debilating disorders,

small sterile fibrin deposits

peripheral embolization, but emboli are sterile
Libman Sacks Endocarditis

small vegations on either or both sides of leaflets
Endocarditis in Carcinoid syn
caused by secretory products of carcinoid tumors (serotonin)

thickened endocardial plaques - involving valve cusps of right heart or mural endocardium

doesnt involve left side cause lung detoxifies serotonin
myoxoid degeneration of ground substance of valve (Marfans comp)

streching of posterior valve leaflet making "floppy cusp"(Parachute deformitiy)

systolic murmur with midsystolic click
M Stensis

M Insuff
M Stenosis - cause of RHD

M Insuff - RHD usually, or MVP, or damage to pappilary muscle in MI
Aortic Stenosis
Calcific aortic stenosis

age relative - degenerative calcific aortic stenosis : for older than 60, has to have 3 cusps

congenital bicuspid AV

Aortic Insuff
Nondissecting Aortic Aneusysm


Sypilitic aortitis - dilation of aortic valve ring