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What are the 3 purposes for an endotrach tube?
Establish an open airway in an anesthetized animal, provide a route of admin for anesthetic gas, O2 & intracheal ER drugs.
Where do you measure the animal for a trach tube?
From the thoracic inlet to the incisors.
How many tubes should you choose?
3, your choice, one smaller & one larger.
How do you check for leaks?
Fill syringe w/air, inflate cuff, remove syringe. If any leaks discard. Push syringe back into valve & deflate.
Where do you tie off the endotrach tube?
Where the tube meet the incisors.
With a dog should you use a large or small tube?
The largest diameter that can be passed w/out force.
With a cat should you use a large or small tube?
You need a smaller tube.
What do you use with cats to help with intubation?
Lidocaine to numb the vocal folds.
How do you apply lidocaine?
Draw 0.5-0.7ml air into syringe, followed by 0.1ml lidocaine. Squirt lidocaine onto epiglottis & vocal cords w/out touching tissue. Wait 60-90 s before intubating.
How can you tell an endotrach tube is place correctly?
Air from tube when patient coughs or breathes, fogging inside tube, visualization of tube entering btwn vocal folds, excursion of reservoir bag w/ inhalation & exhalation.
How do you check for endotrach cuff inflation?
"sigh" animal & listen for hissing around tube, check for anesthetic gas odor, place syringe on cuff valve; release plunger; allow back pressure to push plunger backwards.
What do you need to do before connecting the animal to the machine?
Turn the oxygen on!