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Dose =
Patient wt X dosage rate
Concentration of drug
Concentration =
ex. 3.0%=
# grams/mls
30 mg/ml
fluid calculations
C1 X V1 = C2 X V2
IV Constant Rate Infusion
(how many drops/minute)
Volume of infusion (ml) X drop factor (gtt/ml)
Time of infusion (mn)
Drip rate example:
120 ml 0.9% NaCl over 2 hrs using 60 gtt/ml
120ml X 60 gtt/ml
120 mn = 60 gtt/mn
= 5 gtt/sec
How many mls of 70% alcohol do you need to make .8 L of 25% alcohol?
70X = 800ml X 2.5
X = 35mls