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Most common translation is "Almighty" or "All-powerful", Omnipotent
Paintings and mosaics are characterized by a ruch use of color and figures which seem flat and stiff. The figures also tent to appear to be floating and have large eyes. Backgrounds tend to be solidly golden or toned. Intended as religious lessons. Also called "early-Christian art"
A picture or design made of tiny pieces (called tesserae) of colored stone, glass, tile, or paper adhered to a surface.
A small piece of glazed clay used in mosaics.
Ottonian (Holy Roman) Empire
a reference to southern Europe mainly that of which was controlled by the Papacy located in Italy
a 'dark' style of architecture utilized by European architects featuring stuctures such as flying buttresses and sharp pinnacles on building tops.
Stained glass
was seen as a way of contemplating the Virgin birth
Flying buttresses
A mass of masonry or brickwrk used as a support or brace counteracting the outward thrus of an arch or vault. This one is one which reaches over a side aisle to suooirt the heavy stone roof of a cathedral.
in architecture, the half-round anel that fills the space between the lintel and the arch over a romanesque or gothic doorway
Royal Portal
where the king would have entered the church
in the architecture of a church, the major, central area where the congregation gathers. It leade from the main entrance to the altar and choir, and is uually flanked by side aisles.
in architecture, an arched roof or covering of masonry construction--made of brick, stone, or concrete
Barrel Vault
a semi-cylindrical in cross-section, made up of a continuous row of arches jointed to one another
Groin Vault
consists of 2 barrel vaults intersecting each other at right angles
Fresco (a secco)
dry fresco' pigment applied to dry wall after painting
a revival or rebith of cultural awareness and learning that took place during the 14th and 15th centuries, particulary in Italy but also in Germany and other European countries. The period was characterized by a renewed interest in ancient Greek and Roman art and design and included an emphasis on human beings, their environment, science, and philosphy
Atmospheric perspective
The perception of depth in nature can be enhanced by the appearance of atmospheric haze
Linear perspective
a system of drawing or painting in which the artist attempts to create the illusion of spatial depth on a 2-D surface.
Oil Painting
slow drying paint made when pigments are mixed with an oil, linssed oil being most traditional. The oil dries with a hard fil and the brightness of the colors is protected. Oil paints are usually opaque and traditionally used on canvas. They can have a matte, semi-gloss or glossy finish.
Altarpiece (polyptych)
multi-paneled work of art (typically an altarpiece)
Northern Renaissance
art produced in the countries north of Italy in the first half of the 16th century. It is sometimes considered to include the late Gothic Dutch (or Netherlandish) painting of the 15h century because of its interest in certain aspects of realism (Van Eyck)
in painting, the technique of blurring or softening sharp outlines by subtle and gradual blending (feathering) of one tone into another. The smoke-like haziness of this effect slightly lessens the perception that a still image is entirely still, instead lending a vague sense of movement
the position of a human figure in painting or sculpture in which the hips and legs are turned in a different direction from that of the shoulders and head. Especially a way of sculpting human figure in a natural pose with the weight of one leg, the shoulder, and hips counterbalancing each other. Thus sometimes it is called a 'weight-shift'
a female pagan prophet
a word borrowed from Italian ('light and shade' or 'dark') referring to the modeling of volume by depicting light and shage by contrasting them boldly.
enhancing the figures or other painted elements creating the illusion of intense illumitaion and by placing them against a solid black background
a style in which an artist intends to represent a subject as it appears in the natural world--precisely and objectively--as opposed to being represented in a stylized or intellectually manipulated manner
simulated architecture
Order of Santiago
Large, red cross insignia on Valasquez's chest in Las Meninas is the symbol of this order. He applied 3 times for membership facing rejection twice.