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what is systemic circulation
delivers oxygenated blood to the body tissues
what is the pulmonary artery
transports deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs
in the pulmonary circuit veins transport?
oxygenated blood
in the systemic circuit veins transport
deoxygenated blood
where douse puse come from
expansion of the walls of the arteries
why are arteries deeper within tissue
protection fon injury and temperature loss
capillaries are so small that they
only alow one blood cell though them at one time
function of the aorta
carries oxygenated blood away from the heart, branches felld all body systems exept the lungs
coronary arteries and veins are for
feeding the heart muscle, heart dousnt receive its nutrients from the blood that travels though it
what douse the carotid arteries
carries blood off the aortic arch to the head and brain
what hily specialised nerve endings douse the carotid contain
chemoteceptors- detects oxygen content

pressure receptors detect blood pressure cahnges
the functon of ther jujular veins and there unick stucture is
carry blood out head, dousnt contain valves blood flowing though them is under th influence of gravity
the subclavin arterie and verins travel under
the collarbone
the branchial arterie feelds blood to the
arms and chest wall
where do mesenteric arteries travel to and subdivide into
the intestine,
subdivide to capilaries- they are identified in the villi
the hepatic portal vein transports blood rich in(_____) from the (_____) to the (_____)
what douse the liver do
detoxifies blood, destroys aged red blood cells and regulates glucose concentration on blood
what is the function of the hepatic vein
carries the blood to the posterior vena cava