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Ur, Ziggurat
2150 BCE, Sumerian
Seated Cephren
c. 3000-2200 BCE, Egyptian
Winchester Bible
c. 1160, Medieval
Pompeii, Forum
1st century BCE, Early Roman
Iconoclasts Destroying an Image of Christ, Cludov Psalter
c. 900, Medieval
447-432 BCE, Athens, by Iktinus and Kallikrates, Greek
Portrait of a Matron as Venus
c. 100 CE, Later Roman, Rome
Baths of Caracalla
211-217 CE, Rome, Roman
Menorahs and the Ark of the Covenant
c. 300 CE, Villa Torlonia Catacomb, Rome, Medieval
Step Pyramid of King Zoser
c. 2780-2680, Saqqara, by Imhotep, Egyptian
(Roman copy) c. 450 BCE, Greek
Zeus of Artemision
c. 450 BCE
Grave Stele of Hegeso
c. 400 BCE
Statuettes of worshippers from Tell Asmar
c. 2700 BCE, Iraq, Ancient Near East
Koran manuscript
800-950 CE
Ara Pacis (+ two reliefs)
13-9 BCE, Rome (procession of imperial family, Aeneas), Early Roman
Illustrations of the Life of the Prophet Muhammad from Rashid al-Din's Illustrated History of the World
1314-1315 CE, Medieval
Basilica of Maxentius
early 4th century CE, Roman
Mykerinos and Queen Kha-merer-neby II
c. 2490 BCE
Old Market Woman
(Roman copy) 1st century CE, Greek (Hellenistic)
Doryphoros (Spear Bearer)
(Roman copy) c. 450 BCE, by Polykleitos, Greek
Parthenon Sculptures
c. 447-432 BCE, supervised by Pheidias
New York Kouros
c. 600 BCE, Greek
Kroisos (Anavysos Kouros)
c. 530 BCE, Greek
Pyramids of Chephren, Cheops an Mykerinos
c. 2680-2565, Giza, Egyptian
Euphronios Vase depicting the death of Sarpedon
c. 510 BCE, Greek
72-90 CE, Rome, Roman
Old St. Peter's
begun c. 319-322, Rome, Medieval
Christ Raising Lazarus from the Dead
c. 300 Via Latina Catacomb, Rome
Augustus from Primaporta
c. 20 BCE, Roman, Rome
Valley Temple of King Chephren
c. 2680-2565 BCE, Giza, Egyptian
Victory Stele of Naram-Sin
c. 2254-2218 BCE, Susa, Iran, Ancient Near East
Relief depicting a dying lioness
c. 650 BCE, Nineveh, Iraq, Ancient Near East
Temple of Karnak, Temple of Amon
begun 1525-1512, additions 1504-1450, hypostyle hall 1450-1350 BCE, Egyptian, Karnak
Portrait of a Roman
1st century BCE, Early Roman
Church of Hagia Sophia
532-537 CE, Constantinople, Medieval, by Antemius of Tralles and Isidore of Miletus
Aulus Metellus
1st century BCE, Early Roman
Great Mosque at Cordoba
c. 784-976, Cordoba, Spain
Fontenay, Cistercian Abbey Church
begun 1139 CE, Medieval
Alexander Mosaic
1st century BCE, Pompeii, Early Roman
Column of Trajan with scenes of the Dacian Wars
113 CE, Rome, Later Roman
118-125 CE, Rome, Roman
Cathedral and Abbey Church of St. Lazarus
c. 1120-1130, Autun, France, Medieval
Colossal Portrait of Constantine
313 CE, Later Roman, Rome
Church of San Marco
c. 1063, Venice, Medieval
Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius
c. 176 CE, Rome, Roman
Atrium House
early 1st century BCE, Pompeii, Roman
Painting of Architectural Vistas
1st century BCE, Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii, Roman