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How to Analyze a painting in 3 steps
1. technique used by artist (ex. oil, watercolors)
2. Iconography (ex.meaning? symbols? represents what?)
3. Formal Features (ex. line, space,relief, light and shadow, color, composition)
Art in 19th century, social and economic changes were from ...
inventions, math/science
Two new social classes born in the 19th century from social and economic changes...
workers and Bourgeoisie
True or False:
Artistic trends generate one another?
Name some elements of Gaudi's Casa Vivens (1883-1888)
Modernismo, Catalyn GOthic architecture, Mix of Japoneese, brick, stone, ceramic piences, western decoration inside...
What was the "Grand Tour" @ Rome?
Journey to see art in Rome during neo-classical art period
What city was the most important city?
(followed by rome, london, berlin)
Best art school to go to during neo-classical period?
Ecole des Beaux-Arts
During the Neo-classical period, What was the place where "judges could refuse art"?
Paris Salon. If their art was refused, artists went to "refusee Salon" in 1830
What movement is this?
-imaginative and subjective
-Dream/vision quality
-Artist as a genius
-intrest in past, ruins in contact with nature, mythic and legendary material
Some Romantic painters?
France: Delacroix, Gericoult, Ingres
Germany: Freidrich
England: Turner
Spain: Goya
What movement is this?
-Role of connection in artist
-just shows real things, aimed to tell the truth
-new subjects
-psychological motivation of characters
Some Realist painters?
France: Millet, Courbet, Corot
Italy: Fattori
Germany: Leibl
What movement is this?
-no subjects specific
-increase of photo influence(1837-1847)
-light, movement, human perception
-new techniques
(strokes, wet paint over wet paint, outdoor)
Some Impressionist painters?
France: Monet, Manet, Degas, Renoir, Cezanne
Spain: Sorolla
What movement is this?
-use different precepts of color, patteren, form and line
Some Post-Impressionist painters?
Van Gogh, Gauguin, Seurat, Toulousse-Lautrec
( Cezanne and Pissarro also ventured into P-I)
What movement is this?
-Visual form emotions
-inner world of fantasy, irrational world
-subjects of the human mind
-black painters of Franscisco de GOya and Gaughuns work as inspiration
Some Symbolist painters?
France: Moreau, Rousseau, Redon
England: Rossetti,
Australia: Klimt
Who is this?
-born in Malaga in 1881
-carried "El Picador" with him
Pablo Ruiz Picasso
What are two paintings that inspired Picasso when he first started his paintings, and after visiting the Prado in 1895?
Las Meninas by Velázquez
-Servants had dignity, full perspective, connects the eye
Carlos IV by Goya
-looks unroyal, goya in background
In GOyas "third of May" how would you describe the composition?
a. 2 sides, heavy and dark?
b. 1 side, dark?
c. 1 side, French?
d. 2 sides, light and dark?
c. Two sides, light and dark
Which artist is NOT considered an Impressionist?
a. Sorolla
b. Renoir
c. Tziano
c. Cezanne
b. Tziano
Lunch on the Grass and Olympia were both considered scandulously made by which artist?
a. Van Gogh
b. Manet
c. Monet
d. Cezanne
b. Manet
Van Gogh, Gaugin, Seurat, TOulousse-Lautrec all have in common...?
a. Impressionists
b. Post-Impressionists
c. Symbolists
d. Modernists
b. Post-impressionists
-Inner world of Fantasy
-Imaginative approach and subjective
-Gives visual form to states of mind/emotions
-Subjects to human mind
-Black paintings of GOya/Gaughin as inspiration
-Rossetti, Redon, Klimt
-no longer about beauty
-daily experience
-ordinary events/objects
-working class
-tell truth; idealized reality
-denied previous social conventions apposition of articrocy
-psych motivation of characters
-Millet, Corot
Post Impressionism!
-increase in photography
-wet paint over wet paint
-emotional intensity
Who used the Parabolic Arch?
(most famous dude?)
What does this do?
Gaudi, DUH!
It lends whole weight in many points.
Used weights to move , put mirror underneath to see what it looked like from inside. Impossible from other architectures at that time
Whichh artist used his serious melencholic father as a model in most of his paintings?
Why was Picasso bored in El salon del Prado (his school) ?
wanted to learn more, knew it all already, wanted to be different, so distended self from family
Which Pub had their own magazine?
(4 cats)
Quatre Gats
What started Picasso's Blue Period? (1901-1904)
Death of his friend, Casagemas who commited suicide. Meets Max Jacob.
What kind of color was used/why in 1901-1904 when Picasso was sad?
blue spiritual color because he drew how he felt.
ALso it was monocoloric , drew simple faces, remind of roman
"way to let picasso get concentrated just in form"
Helpless woman, Prostitutes made in 1904 is WHAT painting?
a. 2 friends
b. la Celestina
c. Portrait of Subastin with Sluthslayer
d. Tradgedy
a. 2 friends
"Life" painted in 1903 shows a picture of Casa Hamas's girlfriend, Germaine, and he is pointing to a baby/woman with long fingers. What are the symbols of
a. mom and child
b. two pales
c. life partners
d. Alone on bottom
e. two on top
a. mom and child= start of life and can have love
b. two pales= death
c. life partners=love
d. Alone on bottom=with out love, solitude
e. two on top=terror/horror/despare
in 1904-1906, Picasso loved Fernande Olivier, a model who was married, but ran from husband to be with Picasso and so this lead to the what period?
a. yellow
b. orange
c. pink
d. cubism
c. Pink
is my favorite color
What are these peoples connection to Picasso?
Guillaume Apollinarie, Max Jacob, Henri Matisse, Amadeo Modligliani, Andre Salmon?????/
His friends!!!
What is the Comedy del'arte ?
comedy style at end of renaissance, classical theatre (was Harlequin)
Who was Ricardo Canals?
a. a painter
b. Friend of Picasso
c. Husband of Benedetta
d. poet subject in major picasso painting
e. both b and c
f. both c and d
g. all of the above
e. Married to Benedetta Canals, painted portrait of her in 1905, shows respect to this friend. Shes wearing a black mantilla(black lace)
In the Pink Period, what country influenced Picasso most?
a. Africa
b. Spain
c. France
d. London
c. France
ex. Acrobats
A trip to Holland inspired Picasso to create a painting most connected to which classical paintings?
Three Graces, Rubens
Primavera, Botticelli

Picassos painting called Three Dutch Girls
African sculpture were the influence to which Picasso Period?
Name six influences of Cubism?
-Iberian Sculpture
-African Sculpture
-Manets work
-Card players
African was influential because?
a. wider, bigger symbolic
b. religious, fertility, more symbolic
c. Characteristics of color
d. Free use of color, Experiments with color
b. Africans used their sculpture as religious, fertility and it was more symbolic. Also there was a connection to France with Africa.
Fauvism was influential because?
a. wider, bigger symbolic
b. religious, fertility, more symbolic
c. Characteristics of color
d. Free use of color, Experiments with color
d. Henri Matisse; influences African and free. Experiments with color...
Iberian was influential because?
a. wider, bigger symbolic
b. religious, fertility, more symbolic
c. Characteristics of color
d. Free use of color, Experiments with color
a. Also symbolic, wider, bigger masks
Manets was influential because?
a. uses passage, geometric composition
b. uses still life in paintings
c. Free use of color, Experiments with color
d. Characteristics of color
b. Uses still life in paintings too
Card Players was influential because?
a. uses passage, geometric composition
b. uses still life in paintings
c. Free use of color, Experiments with color
d. Characteristics of color
a. pas sage
Gauguin was influential because?
a. uses passage, geometric composition
b. uses still life in paintings
c. Free use of color, Experiments with color
d. Characteristics of color
characteristics of color, the way he used the yellow Christ
Which of Picassos periods is this?
Wanted to ignore influence of any French painter, went to Gosol
Negro Period
What is the big picture of the Negro period?
a. Portrait of Benedetta Canals
b. Suicide of Casa Hamas
c. Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
d. Three musicians
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
What is : the conception of space?
Took any object and drew from all points of view at the same plane
lineal lines, irea perspective(color) Did points of view on 1 plane
Space of Cubism , drawing from all points of view
Blue period influences:
a. La palomn
b. El greco
a. subjects influenced Picasso
b.sculpture, cold colors, dicanomy
School of Purism two main dudes
Ozenfant and Jeanneret
Le Corbusier is...
Nick name of Charles, and was a co-writer and did architecture
Picasso painted Cubism as...
a. as he sees
b. as he thought
c. as he feels
c. He painted not as he saw, as he felt
What period started to show the first stage of Cubism?
a. pink
b. blue
c. negro
d. Purism
True or False?
Elements displayed on teh picture are decomposed into simple forms which overlap one over another.
Elements displayed on the picture are decomposed into geometric forms which overlap one over another.
True or False?
One characteristic of Analytical Cubism is that its almost impossible to identify.
What are the four restricted colors in Analytical cubism?
Green, gray, sepia and ocher
These are main characteristics of WHICH PICASSO MOVEMENT?
-Arbitrary light
-homogeneity b/t figures and background
-objects from every point of view
Analytical Cubism
These are main characteristics of WHICH PICASSO MOVEMENT?
-Images more easily interpreted
-back to color; shiny and plain
-more simple structures or images
Synthetic Cubism
True or False?
One main characteristic of Analytical Cubism is that the most significant parts of the figure is emphasized.
porque es Sythetic Cubism
True or False?
Characteristics of Sythetic Cubism is that there is paper collage and the depth of the field is through color but without impressionists
color creates dimentions
A revolt against culture and values
What artistic movement is this?
-first anti art and anarchistic
-not expensive
-art accessable to all
Why didnt Dada's want their art to be in a museo?
They wanted it to be accessable to all, for everyone to see it and museos were expensive
Objective of art could change which two of the following?
a. depth of the field through machines' use in the time period
b.Make anything dosconserning and scandelous on purpose
c. Speak irronically and demistify values of culture
d.Accessable art to all that references sex in order to explain its abnormalities to the society
c and b
What movement would most likely say:\
Art demonstrates relationships b/t art and society?
Who wrote the most important Dad manifesto in 1918?
Tristan Tzara, the first one
Colleges include...
newspaper, ribbon, garbage
Why did Dada's use machines in the art?
Dadas are against society and machines were used in WW1 to kill people. Development of signs leads to machines and how they are not useful
True or False?
Cinema played a big role in Dadaism, with Kuselov being the first Russian to make a movie.
False, Lumier brothers makde "arrival of a Train at la Ciotat" Kuselov was the first film editor
Why was Einseinstein, the film director so important in his movie makeing of Russian Revolution?
Symbolic Movie with different frames
What artistic movement is this?
-interwar years
-creative power of the unconscious eye
Dada Artist by City:
Philippe Saupauth
Luis Aragon
Francis Picabia
Man Ray
Marcel Duchamp
Dada Artist by City:
Raoul Höch
Otto Dix
George Grosz
Dada Artist by City:
Kurt Scwitters
Dada Artist by City:
Hans Arp
Marx Ernst
Dada Artist by City:
New York
Alfred Stieglitz
Man Ray
Duchamp and Picabia
Which characteristic of Surrealism does not belong?
a. Inter-war years art movement
b. make anything scandalous on purpose
c. Guillaume Apollinaire
d. Fiedrich Holdeiling
e.less politics and more philosophy
b- thats Dada silly!
Picabia said objective of art could change:
a. speak irronically and demistify values of cultures is one point of Dada
b. Development of signs leads to machines and how they are not useful is Dada
a. also said that objective of art can make anything disconcerning adn scandelous on purpoes
no art in dadal very different from traditionalideas
Centers of Public Dada activities were small and intimate in places such as...
Zurich, Cabaret Voltaire
Alfred Stieglitz, Photosession gallery the Arensbergs apartement
Marius de Zaya's Modern Gallery
the club Dada in Berlin
Poet, painter-musician, painter and artist, painter, or painter sculptor and photographer?
I. Richard Huelsenbeck (1892-1927)
II. Francis Pucabia (1879-1953)
III. Marcel Duchamp (18887-1968)
I. poet
III.painter and artist
Poet, painter-musician, painter and artist, painter, or painter sculptor and photographer?
I. Hugo Ball (1886-1927)
II. Man Ray (1890-1977)
III. Tristan Tzara
I. painter-musician
II. Painter, sculptor, photographor(lobster hands)
III. poet
photography and photomontage are what art era?
photomontage=collage made of photos. Contribution of Raoul Haussman, George Grosz and John Heartfield
What movement is this?
Aimed to generate an entirely new set of imagery by liberating the creative power of the unconschious mind (dreams, hallucinations, automatic or random image generation)
In Picasso's Maternity, the main theme is...
Social critisism
is what art movement?
is what art movement?
is what art movement?
is what art movement?
end of the 1800s
is what art movement?
is what art movement?
Picasso's blue period
is what art movement?
Picasso's pink period
is what art movement?
Picasso's Negro Period
is what art movement?
Analytical Cubism
is what art movement?
Synthetic Cubism
Picasso's pink period colors were
a. rose and grey
b. rose and brown
c. rose and orange only
rose and grey
Purism architecture characteristics
Functional space, long windows, flat roof garden
Jank's Neuschawanstein Castle inspired Walt Disney, having what characteristics?
collums, arcs, windows all having Baroque, Roman and Greek style. ohh eclectic.
Violet-le Duc; dictionary architecture was
a. gothic
b neo-gothic
c. all elemenets of mixed gothic
d. all of the above
all 'dem.
The Architectural House Glass Palace by Paxon was made from
a. new glass material
b. vintage glass
c. pigeon
geometric decoration
art neuveaux
each country shows their own personality and this guy does it.
Ottow Wagner, in Vienna
1892 is an important year for Picasso because this is when:
a. he was born
b. he had his first child
c. he ate his first hot dog
d. he started his studies
e. he moved from Malaga to Barcelona
f. He shat on a paintbrush
g. He died
h. he painted his first painting
i. he won the Nobel peace Prize
j. he won.
k. All of the above
he started his studies.