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facade of St. Peter's
Maderno, 1606-1612
piazza of St. Peter's
Bernini, 1656-1667
baldacchino of St. Peter's
Bernini, 1624-1633
scala regia
Bernini, 1663-1666
Bernini, 1623
interior of the Cornaro Chapel
Bernini, 1645-1652
Ecstacy of St. Theresa
Bernini, 1645-1652
facade of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
Borromini, 1665-1676
Triumph of the Name of Jesus
Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew
de Ribera, 1639
St. Serapion
Zurbaran, 1628
Water Carrier of Seville
Velazques, 1619
plan of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane
Boromini, 1638-1641
Calling of St. Matthew
Carraviago, 1597-1601
Judith Slaying Holofernes
Gntileschi, 1614-1620
Loves of the Gods
Carracci, 1597-1601
Louis XIV
Rigaud, 1701
Galarie des Glaces
Hardouin-Mansart and le Brun, 1680
Elevation of the Cross
Rubens, 1610
Las Meninas
Velazquez, 1656
Et in Arcadia Ego
Poussin, 1655
View of Haarlem from the Dunes at Buerveen
Ruisdael, 1670
Allegory of the Art of Painting
Vermeer, 1670-1675
Vanitas Still Life
Claesz, 1630s
Salon de la Princesse
Boffrand, 1737-1740
Return from Cythera
Watteau, 1717-1719
Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseilles
Rubens, 1622-1625
Charles I Dismounted
Van Dyck, 1635
Archers of Saint Hadrian
Hals, 1633
The Company of Captain Frans Banning
Rembrandt, 1642
Leyster, 1630
The Swing