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Millet (1857)
The Gleaners
Courbet (1849)
Burial at Ornans
Manet (1863)
Dejeuner sur l'herbe
Monet (1874)
Monet (1894)
Rouen Cathedral
Renoir (1876)
Le Moulin de la Galette
Degas (1876)
Ballet Rehearsal
Van Gogh (1889)
Starry Night
Gauguin (1897)
Where do we come from?
Seurat (1884-6)
A Sunday at le Grande Jatte
Cezanne (1895)
Basket of Apples
Cezanne (1904)
Mont Ste. Victoire
Rodin (1886)
Burghers of Calais
Eiffel (1889)
Eiffel Tower
Gropius (1925)
Bauhaus Shop Block
Matisse (1908)
Red Room
Picasso (1907)
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
Picasso (1912)
Still-Life with Chair Caning
Picasso (1937)
Duchamp (1917)
Dali (1931)
Persistence of Memory
Magritte (1929)
Treachery of Images
Kandinsky (1912)
Improvisation 28
Brancusi (1928)
Bird in Space
Pollack (1950)
Number 1/Lavender Mist
Warhol (1962)
Marilyn Diptych
Poussin (1655)
Et in Arcadia Ego
Poussin (1648)
Burial of Phocion
Le Vau (1670)
Louvre, East Facade
Le Vau (1660's)
Inigo Jones (c. 1620)
Whitehall Banqueting House
Wren (1675-1710)
St. Paul's
Watteau (1717)
Return from Cythera
Fragonard (1766)
The Swing
Clodion (1775)
Nymph & Satyr
West (1771)
Death of General Wolfe
David (1784)
Oath of Horatii
David (1793)
Death of Marat
Jefferson (1770-1806)
Gros (1804)
Pest House at Jaffa
Ingres (1814)
Grande Odalisque
Goya (1814)
3rd of May, 1808
Gericault (1819)
The Raft of the Medusa
Turner (1840)
Slave Ship
Bierstadt (1868)
Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains