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Crete's ancient capital
Sir Arthur Evans
British archaeologist, discovered the buried ruins of the architectural complex at Knossos in 1900 CE
A painting technique in which water-based pigments are applied to a surface of wet plaster (buon fresco). The color is absorbed by the plaster, becoming a permanent part of the wall.
a maze, famous for being the prison of the Minotaur
mythical creature, half-man-half-bull, believed to be the son of the wife of King Minos and a bull belonging to the god Poseidon. The creature lived in the maze, ate youth from Athens.
King Minos
King of Crete and father of Ariadne
The son of King Aegeus of Athens, come to Crete to kill the Menotaur, fell in love with Ariadne, defeat Menotaur with her help - spindle of thread- get out of maze
The daughter of King Minos, Crete's Princess, fell in love with Theseus - gave him a sword to kill the minotaur and a spindle of thread, later abanded by Theseus
dressed stone
Also called ashlar, A highly finished, precisely cut block of stone. When laid in even courses, ashlar masonry creates a uniform face with fine joints