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Describe the difference between pendentives and squinches.
squinches-octagonal dome structure
pendentives-dome on a circle
Note one reason why Muslim mystics may have equated the creation of letters by scribes with the creation of human beings by God.
John 1: " the begining was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
The term __ means
"submission to God."
True or false: The textbook declares that Islam is "today's fastest growing religion."
From the eigth thru thirteenth centuries, __ was the language of scholarship in both Moslem and Christian lands.
Name the three holiest sites in Islam and why they are important.
2-Medina-staging ground
3-Jerusalem-Night Journey
Describe the Five Pillars of Islam.
1-No God but Allah and Muhammaed is his prophet
2-Prayer 5 times daily
4-Fasting during the day in the month of Ramadon
5=-Pilgrimmage to Mecca/Haj
What is the difference between Sunni and Shi'ite Islam?
Sunni-followed his son in law Abu-Bakr
Shi'ite-followed Ali, his fahter in law
What is meant by the abbreviation "PBUH+HF" and when is it used?
Peace Be Upon Him and His Family; only used when Muhammed's name is used.
The capital of Umayyad Islam was in __.
Define the following four terms: Mihrab, Minaret, Qibla, & Madrasa
Mihrab-The niche in the wall that faces Mecca
Minaret-Tower rom which criers call to the faithful
Qibla-The direction of Mecca
Madrasa-A Moslem Religious School
The Mughal Empire stretched from __ to __.
Afghanistan, Delhi
The __ __ is essentially an elaborate above-ground grave.
taj mahal
An __ is a domed room open on one side and is characteristic of Persian Mosques.