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When the text states that "Greek philosphers sought to define the ideal community," name the most famous worky by title and author that does just that. ___ ____
Plato's Republic
Two famous Greek maxims on Apollo's santuary at Delphi state:
1-Know thyself
2-Nothing in excess
Minoan culture on the island of Crete is named after the Geek legend of King ___ who held captive a half-human half ___ called the ___ in the center of a maze called the ___.
Minos, bull, Minotaur, labyrinth
Like Egyptian art, Minoan art shows a preference for ___ views.
Ture or False: When Cycladic Greeks invaded the Greek Mainland, they found the land uninhabited.
The Treasury of Alreus is actually a ___ type tomb that was wrongly described by early archaeologists.
The idea that citizens should share in the rights and responsibilities of government began to emerge in the Greek city state of ___ aroung 600 BCE. This idea was later called ___.
Athens, democracy
The three main periods of Greek art are: