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Visual ___ are used to perceive spatial relationships in ___ taking place in 3D
cues, depth
In a __D work, space is a ___ surface of work itself and tends to be seen all at once
2, flat
___ plane: literal surface of 2D art work where ___ and ___ can be implied
Picture, quantities, dimensions
Architecture, sculpture, and 3D art work w/ ___ space
Type of visual cue where there are two forms, one we perceive as complete in __ of one that is perceived as __ behind
Overlap, front, partial
Type of visual cue where you look down to see objects closests and up further away
___ views give the least information of depth
Any color has three properties ___, ___ and ___
hue, value, intensity
___ is name of color according to categories of the color ___
Hue, wheel
__ is relative lightness or darkness. The ___ ___ is where you expect to find hue. Lighter than a selected value is ___, darker is ___ .
Value, normal, tint, shade
___ is the relative purity of color. Here color is pure or saturated or ___ and softened.
Intensity, dulled (chroma or saturation)
The purest color has a ___ intensity; the duller color has a ___ intensity.
high, low