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___ weight: apparent heaviness or lightness of the ___ arranged in a composition, gauged by how ____ they draw our eyes
Visual, forms, insistently
___ balance has implied center of gravity called __ axis, an imaginary line drawn down ___ of composition (usually not ___, but close on both sides)
symmetrical, vertical, center, exact
___ balance has two sides that don’t match but balance
___ balance is often used to express order, harmony, and __ whether earthly and social or cosmic and spiritual
symmetrical, authority
We perceive relationships, they are not ___
Large form visually ___ than smaller, dark-value heavier than ___ of same size, texture heavier than ___
heavier, light, smooth,
Two or more objects can balance a ___ one, a smaller ___ object can balance larger ___ object
larger, dark, light
___ helps communicate mood or meaning