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Art has been defined in terms of
skill, originality, expression, and significant form.
The most ancient definition(s)of art center is
skill and craft
The aesthetic philosophy of formalism emphasizes which side of art?
It's form
An aesthetician is a(n)
philosopher of art
An aesthetic experience is
and intensely felt, sensory-based response
Jefferson's Rotunda is a
college building
The student's response to Monet's "On the Cliffs, Dieppe" is primarily
formalist aesthetic
The student's response to Peter Reiss's photograph of an institutionalized young person is primarily based on
Her social conscience
The response to van Gogh's "Night Cafe" encompass
Formalism, contextualism,the response of an artist, and the response of an art historian.
Content in art is connected to
form, subject matter and context.
Woodruff's series of murals at Clark Atlanta University is called
The Art of the Negro
The artist who creates the works entitled "Interchange" and "Dissipation" is
Hale Woodruff
The creator of the mural painting, "The Night of the Poor" is
Diego Rivera
What the artwork is about- whether it's a person, place or thing- is called it's
A famous phrase about art claims that "form is the shape of..."
For the formalist aesthetician, and aesthetic experience results from an art that possesses
significant form
Nootka artist Tim Paul's work is entitled
The feminist artwork "The Dinner Party" is by
Judy Chicago
The main character in van Gogh's "Night Cafe" is the artist's
Reich's "All Their Wordly Goods" embodies the beliefs and ideals of what group or organization?
The Nazis
Content is a bridge connecting..
form, subject and context
Art can...
restrict our awareness
Judy Chicago is a
feminist artist
Van Gogh is a late 19th century artist who powerfully expresses his emotions through
bold color and vigorous brushwork
the philosophical study of the nature of art and beauty. The term might also apply to the philosophy of art or "aesthetic" of and individual, group or movement.
The visual or formal qualities of an artwork; specifically the work's element (line, color, shape, space, texture) and their arrangement or composition
the approach to art that focuses on the sensuous appreciation of the visual or "formal" qualities of an artwork such as it's line, shape, color, texture, and composition
The driving force and reason behing the form and subject matter of an artwork; the feelings, thoughts, and meanings embodied in the work.
the physical, social, and cultural background of a work of art.
An approach to the understanding od art that centers on the study of art "in context," that is, in relation to the rest of life. Contextualism emphasizes the study of everything that surrounds and relates to the work of art: the veiwer; the artist; the physical setting; and the art, culture, and society that gave birth to it.