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What are the 5 basic elements of art?
Line, Texture, Color, Value and Shape/Form
What is a line?
A line is a essiential element for visual communication.
What is texture?
Refers specifically to the abrasiveness or the visual apperence.
What is color?
Exists only in light
What is value?
It's the contrast from light to dark.
What is shape/form? And what are the two types of shapes?
Geometric/ Organic
Geometric shapes are circles, triangles, and squares

Organic Shapes:
Are found in nature
What are the 5 basic principals of design?
Rythm, Repetition, Variation, Contrast and Emphasis
What is rythm?
it's the regualar re-occurance between two items
What is repetition?
Gives unity, flow, contuinty and emphasis.
What is variation?
Diversity between objects
What is contrast?
Comparison between objects
What is emphasis?
______ is used to draw our attention to an area.
What are implied lines?
_______ Serve as an underlying organizational structure
Movement and Rythm what is a good example of this?
the bicycle same photo repated but shifted to the right numerous times.
Path of vision or focal point (give an example)
The steering wheel picture changes your path of vision and draws you to the focal point, in which is his eyes.
What are the two components of light?
Value and Color
What is value?
Refers to the lightness and darkness from white thru grey and black.
What is hue?
______ refers to the specific wavelength
What is intensity?
________ refers to the purity of the hue
What are monochromatic color schemes?
_______ are based on the value and intensity of a single hue
What are the primary colors?
What are the secondary colors?
What are tiertary colors?
they are colors that are directly opposite eachother on the color wheel