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The use of repetitive motif or desighn is called -------
The range of colors that an artist tends to favor in painting is referd to as ----
pallet page 135
Toevalulate a work of art properly we must deal with in in the context of
Image, Meaning, Beauty , subject
The terms naturalistic or realistis realistic art somtimes describe --------
Why are images of humans traditionally baned in Islamic art
compeating with creator himself page 24
A colors brightness is called
intensity or saturation
pag 134
Jan Yan Yyck's depicts many objests that have symbolic meaning. The use or study of these symbols is called
Edouard Manet's Dejeuner Sur I'herbre , painted in 1863 was rejected for its
Maya Lin's Vietnam Memorial at first was
Which artwork was referres to an explosion in a shingle factory
Nude decending stair case
Maya lin and Mnaet Duchamp are simular in what way
Both there work was rejected at 1st page 70
What is the names project
Aids Memorial Quilt
page 79
Alxeanders Calder's Dots and dashes is an example of
kinetic Page 84
The artist's relation to the public ofted depends on
understanding the art work and what it is expressing and or the stament being made.
Michelangelo's Head of Satyr utilizes
cross hatching
The author describes Chuck Close's painting stanely as
layerd pointalisim
One of the cheif tools emoloyed by the Renaissance to render the effects of light is
Lines that are suggested but not litt=erally visible are called
It has been suggested that no painter explored the expressive qualities of the curve as it relates to the femaleform more than
john Agusta Ingress
a picture drawn in the perespective that employes a single point of vision is called
one point lieaner perspective
The surface of a painting is called
J.M.W Turners Rain Steam , and the Great Wesrern Railway is done in
arial perspective
On the color whell blue and green are thought of as
cool colors
color that lies directly between a secondary and primary are called
What are the primary color's
red , yellow , blue
secondary colors are
orange , green , violet
three qualities of a line
intelectual, emotional, and expressive
What is pointalisim
not lines drawing done with many many dots in ink paint coal ect-----