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In art, a ____ is usually defined as a moving dot and is both the simplest and most complex of the visual elements.
From the Italian for "light-dark," what term is sometimes used in place of the word modeling?
In La Source, Prud'hon's nude figure is ____
carefully modeled and three dimensional
A triangular glass solid that breaks down sunlight or white light into different colors is called a(n) ____.
The message or meaning in Helen Frankenthaler's amorphous abstract Bay Side seems to lie primarily in its ____.
The colors opposite each other on the color wheel are ____.
Art works that utilize closely related families of color seem ____.
B and D
Impressionist painter Claude Monet was trying to capture the effect of ____ in his Haystack at Sunset Near Giverny.
optical color
Actual texture is primarily experienced through the sense of ____.
David Gilhooly's Bowl of Chocolate Moose seems gooey and edible. It is a visual pun that employs the use of a technique known as ____
trompe l'oeil
When an artist places one object in front of another to create the illusion of depth, it is called ____.
In works with ____, the lines are completed by the viewer.
implied line
___, in which parallel lines converge at one or more vantage points on the horizon to create the illusion of depth, was highly refined by ____ artists.
Linear perspective; Renaissance
American sculptor Alexander Calder is known for his mobiles, which are excellent examples of ____.
kinetic art
Every Sunday, ____ suggests the motion of the characters by repetition of imagery that changes slightly from frame to frame.
One of the best ways to create the illusion of motion on a two-dimensional surface is by ____.
blurring outlines
When you look at a(n) ____ painting, your eyes are manipulated to see rippling movement and afterimages.
Op art
What inspired Picasso to create his groundbreaking painting known as Les Demoiselles d'Avignon?
African and Iberian art
Which 17th-century Rembrandt masterpiece has become a familiar image thanks to its being reproduced on Dutch Masters cigar boxes?
The Syndics of the Drapers' Guild
____ creates the illusion of roundness or three dimensionality through the use of light and shadow on a two-dimensional surface.
Diagonal lines are often used to ____.
imply movement and directionality
Using their signature combination of the body and braided hair, the Gerlovins created a modern revision of ____, one of the most popular themes of the Renaissance
Madonna and Child
____ are formed when intersecting or connected lines enclose space.
The ____ shape of an artistic composition is considered the background.
Light against dark or dark against light create visual differences in ____.