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The Very Rich Hours of the Duke of Berry, MAY
The Limbourg Brothers, early 1400s, International Style
Well of Moses
Sluter, early 1400s, Dijon, France, International Style
Merode Altarpiece
(Annunciation in the middle)
Master of Flemalle, early 1400s, 15th Century North
Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride
Jan van Eyck, mid-1400s, 15th Century North
Rogier van der Weyden, mid1400s, 15th Century North
Sant' Andrea
Alberti, late 1400s, Mantua, Early Ren.
Four Crowned Saints
di Banco, early 1400s, Florence, Early Ren.
Holy Trinity
Masaccio, early 1400s, Florence, Early Ren.
Plan for St. Peter's
Bramante, early 1500s, Rome, High Ren.
David (marble)
Michelangelo, early 1500s, High Ren.
Virgin of the Rocks
Leonardo, late 1400s, High Ren.
School of Athens
Raphael, early 1500s, Vatican, Rome, High Ren.
Madonna of the Pesaro Family
Titian, early 1500s, Venice, Ven. Ren.
Christ in the House of Levi
Veronese, late 1500s, Ven. Ren.
Caravaggio, Italian Baroque, early 1600s, Rome
Judith and Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes
Artemisa Gentileschi, Italian Baroque, early 1600s
Saint Charles of the Four Fountains
Borromini, Italian Baroque, mid-1600s, Rome
Ecstasy of St. Theresa
Bernini, Italian Baroque, mid-1600s, Rome
Maids of Honor
Velazquez, Spanish Baroque, mid-1600s
Raising of the Cross
Rubens, Flemish Baroque, Antwerp Cathedral, early 1600s
The Letter
Vermeer, Dutch Baroque, mid-1600s
View of Haarlem
Van Ruisdael, Dutch Baroque, late 1600s
Self-portrait (Rembrandt)
Rembrandt, Dutch Baroque, mid-1600s
Palace and Gardens of Versailles
Le Vau et al, French Baroque, late 1600s, Versailles, France
Hall of Mirrors
in the Palace of Versailles
Et in Arcadia Ego
Poussin, French Baroque, mid-1600s