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Which herb has the function of transforming damp, warming the middle jiao, promoting the circulation of Qi and calming the fetus? A: Wei Ling Xian B: Du Huo C: Pei Lan D: Sha Ren
D: Sha Ren
Which of the following channels does Pei Lan (Herba Eupatrii Fortunei) enter? A: HT B: LV C: KD D: SP/ST
D: Sp/ ST
Which of the following can dispel wind-damp and be used for Bi-syndrome? A: Cang Zhu B: Hou Po C: Pei Lan D: Huo Xiang
A: Cang Zhu
If patient has chills and fever w/o sweat, H/A, abdominal pain, vomiting, white greasy tongue coat and soggy pulse (ext syndrome due to wind-cold with damp in middle jiao) which of the following herbs is best? A: Bai Hua She B: Du Huo C: Gou JI D: Huo Xiang
D: Huo Xiang
Which is best to treat damp=heat in the SP, marked by a sticky sweet taste in the mouth, excessive saliva and bad breath? A: Gou ji B: Cao Dou Kou C: Pei Lan D: Cao Guo
C: Pei Lan
Herbs that aromatically transform damp should be decocted? A. Early B: Late C: Spearately D: With wrapping
B: Late
Which herb promotes Qi circulation and is commonly used to treat distension and fullness in the epigastrium amd abdomen? A: Cang Zhi B: Hou Po C: Pei Lan D: Huo Xiang
B: Huo Po
Herbs that aromatically transform damp are commonly used with herbs that? A: Reg QI B: Dispel Wind to stop itching C: Strengthen tendons and bones D: Clear def heat
A: Reg Qi
Which herb is best for cough, wheezing with profuse sputum due to damp-phlegm in the lungs? A: Cang Zhu B: Hou Po C: Huo Xiang D: Qin Jiao
B: Hou Po
Which herb harmonizes middle jiao and stop vomiting? A: Fang ji B: Du Huo C: Huo Xiang D: Qin Jiao
C: Huo Xiang
Which is NOT and indication of Cang Chu (rhizoma Atractylodis) A: Damp obstructing middle jiao B: Bi-syndrome due to wind-cold damp C: Ext syndrome due to wind cold with damp D: Blood stasis syndrome
D: Blood stasis syndrome
Huo Xiang...
Turbid damp middle jiao
Ext wind cold/damp
Summer heat
Vomit & morning sick
Pei Lan...
Transform damp/middle jiao
Ext summer heat
Early stage damp warm febrile
Cang Zhu...
Dries damp, clears damp from low jiao
-improves vision- night blindness

Used in damp-heat downward synd (vag discharge)
Huo Po...
-Damp middle jiao
-Qi stag
-Wheezing and coughing w/ sputum
Sha Ren...
-imp qi and ST
-Diarrhea due to def
- morning sick & restless fetus

Bai Dou Kou...
Reg. Qi stop vomit

cold in mid jiao

early stage damp heat

*crushed & used late*
Cao Dou Kou...
warm mid jiao stop vomit..

damp cold mid jiao
decoct late
How is Bai Dou Kou diff from Cao Dou Kou...
Bai Dou Kou... better promote qi or regulate qi . warm middle jiao stop vomit
How is Cao Dou Kou diff from Bai Dou Kou>
Better to transform damp
Cao Guo...

Damp in mid jiao

Dont use unless there is cold & damp
Dispels wind damp and used for bi-syndrome?
Cang Zhu
Treats damp obstruction causing qi stagnation?
Huo Po?
What is diff betw Bai Dou Kou and CAo Dou Kou?
Bai dou kou can warm middle jiao
What is the common function of Bai Dou Kou, Sha Ren and Cao Dou Kou?
Resolve damp, reg qi, stop vomit, warm middle
Sha Ren mainly treats?
Diarrhea due to Sp cold/def
Which herb can reg qi and calm fetus?
Sha Ren
Which herb treats malaria?
Cao Guo
What is the general caution for using aromatic herbs to transform damp?
Yin Def with heat