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What army regulation covers ASAP?
AR 600-85
What does ASAP stand for?
Army Substance Abuse Program
What is meant by deglamorization of alcohol?
Personnel will not promote any function glamorizing the use of alcohol
Is ASAP participation mandatory for individuals who are command reffered?
Yes. Failure to attend may constitute a violation of Article 86 of UCMJ
What are some ways that Soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem?
Voluntary(self identification)
Investigation or Apprehension
Will soldiers who are command referred to ASAP be flagged?
Yes, IAW AR 600-8-2 (suspension of favorable actions {flags})
What does ACS stand for?
Army Community Service
What does the ACS symbol represent?
The Heart = giving
The cross = help
The gyroscope = stability
What army regulation covers ACS?
AR 608-1
What is the motto of ACS?
Self-help, service, and stability
How is ACS staffed for the most part?
By volunteers.
AER closley coordinates with what other organization?
American Red Cross.
What does AER stand for?
Army Emergency Relief
What is the regulation that covers AER?
AR 930-4
When is the AER annual fund campaign held army-wide?
March 01 through May 15
How are monetary contributions made to AER?
cash, check, or allotment
How does AER provide finacial assistance?
a no interest loan, a grant, or a combination of both
What regualtion covers ACES?
AR 621-5
What is the dollar limit on AER loans?
there is no dollar limit
What is the AER motto?
"Helping the Army take care of its Own"
What Does ARC stand for?
American Red Cross
What regulation covers ARC?
AR 930-5
What is the first sentence (Article 1) of the Code of Conduct?
" I am an American, fighting in the forces whcih guard my country and our way of life."
What army regulation covers the Code of Conduct?
AR 350-30
When was the code of conduct established?
August 17, 1955 under the Eisnehower administration
If you were to becoma a prisoner of war (POW), what information would you be required to give?
Name, Rank
Service Number
Date of Birth
How many articles are in the Code of Conduct?
What FM covers Physical Fitness Training?
FM 21-20
What are the three phases of physical conditioning?
What does FITT stand for?
What is DA form 3349?
Physical Profile
What AR covers the Army Physical Fitness Program?
AR 350-1 CH 1 Section 24
What is DA form 705?
Physical Readiness Test Scorecard
What is the FM concerning the M16/A2 Rifle?
FM 3-22.9
What is the first thing you should do when you handle a weapon?
make sure you clear it
What are the four fundamentals of marksmanship?
Steady Position
Proper Aim
Trigger Squezze
What does the acronym SPORTS stand for?
Is SPORTS an Immediate or Remmedial action?
What is stoppage?
A stopage is a failure of an automatic or semiautomatic firearm to complete the cycle of operation
Describe the M16/A2 rifle?
a 5.56, magazine fed, gas-operated, air-cooled, semiautomatic or three-round-burst, hand-held, shoulder-fired weapon
What are the 5 types of ammunition that can be used with the M16/A2 rifle?
Describe the ranges for the M16/A2 rifle?
Max Range: 3,600 meters
Max Effective Range for Point target: 550 meters
Max Effective range for Area target: 800 meters
What is the highest peacetime award for valor?
The Soldiers Medal
What is an Award?
A decoration,medal,badge, ribbon, or appurtenance bestowed on an individual or a unit
What is a decoration?
An award to an individual for a specific act of gallantry or service
What is DA Form 7013?
Certificate of Appreciation
What is the hihest award given by the army in time of war?
The Medal of Honor
How many starts are on the blue silk shield that the Army Medal of Honor is suspended from?
Who is the approving authority for the medal of honor?
The U.S. Congress
Who awards the Medal of Honor?
The President of the United States
Whose profile is on the Medal of Honor?
Minerva, the roman goddess of wisdom and righteous war
What is DA Form 2442?
Certificate of Achievement
How many different weaspons are authorized component bars?
What three words are inscribed on the Good Conduct Medal?
Honor, Efficiency, and Fidelity
How often can you recieve the Good Conduct Medal?
Every 3 years
Who can make reccomendations for an award?
Any person having knowledge of an outstanding act or acievement
What was the first medal awarded in the U.S. Army?
The Purple Heart
What is a DA Form 4950?
Good Conduct Medal Certificate
What army regualtion covers Awards and Decorations?
AR 600-8-22
What is a DA Form 87?
Certificate of Training
What is a Fourragere?
a ropelike device worn to signify the award of a foreign decoration
What army regualtion covers the Wear and Apperance of the military uniform?
AR 670-1
What DA Form is used to reccomend/ request an award?
DA Form 638
Why is the flag worn on the right shoulder of the Utility Uniform?
the flag is worn on the right shoulder to give the effect of the flag flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward
What AR covers the issue and sal of personal clothing?
AR 700-84
When must identification tags be worn?
When directed by the commander, engaed in field training, in an aircraft, or OCONUS
what does ECWCS stand for?
Extended Cold Weather Clothing System
What is a CVC uniform?
Tanker's uniform
Exposed pens in pockets are allowed on which uniforms?
Hospital Duty Uniforms
Food Service Uniforms
Flight Uniforms
CVC Uniforms
Who is authorized to wear insignia of btanch on the patrol cap?
How will ribbons be worn on the male Class A uniform?
centered 1/8 inch above left breast pocket
How will ribbons be worn on the female Class A uniform?
centered on the left
bottom row parallel to bottom edge of name plate
ajusted to individual body shape
where are unit awards worn on the male Class A uniform?
centered with bottm edge 1/8 in above right breast pocket flag
where are unit awards worn on the female Class A uniform?
centered on the right side
bottom edge 1/2 in above top edge of nameplate
what are the dimensions of the dress uniform nameplate?
1 x 3 x 1/16 of an inch
how are marksmanship badges worn on the male class A uniform?
usually upper portion of left breast pocket flap
lower portion of pocket flap if special skill badges are worn
how are marksmanship badges worn on the female class A uniform?
centered on left side
1/4 in below bottom ribbon row
adjusted to individual body shape
What direction does the belt tab on the army belt extend to on the male class A uniform?
the wearers left
What direction does the belt tab on the army belt extend to on the female class A uniform?
the wearers right
How are service ribbons worn on the male class A uniform?
centered 1/8 in above the left pocket
How are service ribbons worn on the female class A uniform?
centered on left
bottom row parallel to bottom edge of nameplate
ajusted to individual body shape
How is the Regimental Distinctive Insignia worn on the male class A uniform?
centred 1/8 in above top right pocket or
1/4 in above any unit awards
How is the Regimental Distinctive Insignia worn on the female class A uniform?
centered 1/2 in above nameplate
or 1/4 in above any unit awards
How is the branch insignia worn on the male enlisted Class A uniform?
centered on left collar
bottom of disk about 1 in above notch
centerline parallel to inside edge of lapel
How is the branch insignia worn on the female enlisted Class A uniform?
on left collar
bottom of disk centered between outside point and inside edge of collar
about 5/8 in above the notch
centerline of insignia parallel to inside edge of lapel
How are service strips placed on the Class A uniform?
centered on the outside 45* angle lower end toward the inside seem of sleeve and 4 in from bottom of sleeve each additional one is parallel above the first strip and spaced 1/16 in
One service stripe represents how many years?
3 years
What is the estimated lifetime of the new ACU?
6 months
What does ACU stand for?
Army Combat Uniform
Explain the new digitized patttern.
though not optomized for any particular environment it is designed to work in woodland, desert, and urban areas
Who are the only soldiers authorized to wear the IPFU shirt out side of the trunks (untucked)?
Pregnant Soldiers
What does IPFU stand for?
Improved Physical Fitness Uniform
May the IPFU be worn on and off post and on and off duty?
Yes, soldiers may wear all or part of the IPFU with civilian attire on or off post when autorized by the commander
What does Fm 6-22 cover?
Army Leadership
What does FM 7-0 cover?
Training the force
What does FM 7-1 cover?
Battle Focused Training
Define Leadership?
Leadership is influencing people--by providing purpose, direction, and motivation--while operarting to accomplosh the mission and improving the organization
What is Motivation?
the will to do what is necessary to accomplish the mission
what is Purpose?
Purpose gives subordinates the reason to act in order to achieve a desired outcome?
Describe Be, Know, DO?
BE: the values and attributes that shape a leaders character
KNOW: skills and knowledge that a leader require
DO: the actions a leader takes
what is military bearing?
Projectiing a commanding presence, a professional image of authority
what is physical fitness?
having sound health, strength, and endurance
What are the army values?
Selfless Service
Personal Courage
What is communication?
A process of providing information
Name two barriers of Communication
What are three major categories of developmental counselings?
Event counselings
Performance counselings
Proffesional growth counselings
Name some physical barriers of communication?
What FM covers Counselings?
FM 6-22 Appendix B
What are three approaches to counseling?
What are the 4 stages of the counseling process?
Identify the need for counseling
Prepare for counseling
Conduct counseling
Follow up
A counseling session consists of what 4 basic components?
Opening the Session
Discussing issues
Developing the plan of action
Recording and closing the session
How many human needs are there?
4: Physical
Higher (religious)
What is tact?
A keen sense of what to say or do in order to maintain good relations with other and to avoid offense
What are the stresses that influence behavior?
What form is used for counseling?
DA Form 4856
What FM covers the duties, responsibilities and authorities of a NCO?
FM 7-22.7
What army regulation covers the EO program?
AR 600-20 CH 6
What are some of the special commemorations / ethnic observances listed in AR 600-20?
Martin Luther King Jr. Birth
Black History Month
Women's History Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
Define the term racisim?
any attitude or action of a person or institutional structure that subordinates a person or a group because of skin color or race.
What regulation covers Army Family Action Plan?
AR 608-47
What AR covers the Army Retention Program?
AR 601-280
What army regualtion covers the Total Army Sponsorship Program?
AR 600-8-8
What AR covers the BOSS Program?
AR 215-1
What army regulation covers CHAMPUS?
AR 40-121
What AR covers NCODP?
AR 350-1 CH 4
What is Supply Economy?
stopping haste, waste, and abuse of supplies. Use only what is necessary
Who is responsible for Supply Economy?
All indiviuals who deal with army supplies
What is a Repot of Survey?
Document for recording the circumstances concerning the loss, damage, or destruction of Army property
If you lose or damage a piece of equipment and are required to pay for it, what action is taken?
Statement of Charges
What publication addresses the proper fit of Army uniforms and footwear?
TM 10-227
how many classes of supplies are there?
what are some of the classes of supplies?
Class I: Rations
Class II: Clothing and Equipment
Class III: Fuels and Lubricants
Class IV: Fortification Material
Class V: Ammunition and Explosives
Class VI: Personal Items
Class VII: Major End Items
Clas VIII: Medical Supplies, Minimal amounts
Class IX: Repair Parts
Class X: Miscellaneous Supplies
What is the form number for a permanent Hand Reciept?
DA Form 2062
Name 4 ways you can be relieved from acountability of property?
Report of Survey
Statement of Charges
Cash Collection Voucher
What is DA Form 4697?
Report of Survey
What army regulation covers NCOER's?
AR 623-3
What will the rating chain for an NCO cosist of?
Rated NCO
Senior Rater
What are the 7 types of NCOER's?
Change of Rater
Complete the Record
60 Day Rater Option
60 Day Senior Rater Option
Temporary Duty, Special Duty, or Compassionate Reassignment
What forms are used for the NCOER?
DA Form 2166-8-1 (NCO Counseling Checklist/.Record)
DA Form 2166-8 (NCO Evaluation Report)
Who is the last individual to sign the NCOER?
the NCO being rated
Are handwritten comments allowed on the NCOER?
What AR covers military Justice?
AR 27-10
Doea a person have to accept an Article 15?
No, he or she has the righ to demand trial by Court Martial
How many articles are in the UCMJ?
146 Articles + 12 Sub articles = 158 articles
What are 3 classifications of article 15's?
Company Grade
Field Grade
What is a Fiel Grade Article 15?
an Article 15 imposed by an O4 or above
What for is used to record Summarized Articel 15 proceedings?
DA Form 2627-1
What are Articles 77 through 134 known as?
Punitive Articles?
What are 3 types of Court Martial?
What rights are given to a soldier under Article 31 of UCMJ?
Miranda Rights: right to remain silent, right to demand trial, and right to an attorney
What is one circumstance when a soldier does not have the right to refuse an Article 15 and demand trial by Court Martial?
When aboard a ship
What 2 types of orders can a guard recieve?
general orders
special orders
what are you normally responsible for at your guard post?
your post and all government property in view
what specifies the time for challenging?
the special orders
what are the two words that the countersign consist of?
challenge and password
What FM covers guard duty?
FM 22-6
What is the first general order?
I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit my post only when properly relieved.
What is the second general order?
I will obey my special orders and perform all my duties in a military manner.
What is the third general order?
I will report violations of my special orders, emergencies, and anything not covered in my instructions to the Commander of the Relief.
At what position do you hold your rifle while challenging?
Port Arms
What are two types of guard mountings.
What are two types of guard duty?
interior guard
exterior guard
Dose a gurad salute indoors?
What are 3 examples of exterior guard?
Listening posts
What is a supernumerary?
An extra member of the guard who is used to replace a guard or to perform special duties
Who is the Sergeant Major of the Army?
SMA Kenneth O. Preston
How many stripes does the American Flag have?
13 Stripes (7 red, 6 white)
When is the Army's Birthdate?
June 14, 1775
What does METL stand for?
Mission, Essential, Task, List
The US Flag is flown half-staff for what?
Name the three types of NBC warnings?
-Verbal (GAS!, GAS!, GAS!)
-Hand and Arm Signals
-Banging metal on metal
If captured, when is the best time to escape?
As soon as possible (most likely, this is when you will be closest to your own lines).
What is the basic load of M16/A2 Rifle?
210 rounds (7 mags of 30 rounds each)
What is military courtesy?
The respect that soldiers show to each other
Name four common points for checking pulse
-Side of the neck
-The Wrist
-The Groin
-The Ankle
What are the three categories of military vehicles?
Administrative, Tactical, Combat
What are the four levels of maintenance?
-Direct Support
-General Support
What are the three leadership styles?
What are the five "S" you should know when you capture an enemy?
When should a casualty not be placed in the shock position?
If he has a:
-Head Injury
-Abdominal wound
-Unsplinted fractured leg
What is the most important military courtesy?
the hand salute
What are contour lines?
Imaginary lines that represent high and low ground elevation
What do you treat first? The entry or the exit wound?
Treat the larger wound first, however the exit wound is usually larger than the entry wound.
What is a map?
A graphical representation of the earth's surface as seen from above
What are the Army Values?
Personal Courage
What does "BII" stand for and where will you find the BII list?
Basic Issue Items
-The back of the -10
Name Three Catogories of heat injuries
-Heat Cramps
-Heat Exhaustion
-Heat Stroke
What are the 5 MOPP Levels?
MOPP 0 - Gear accessible
MOPP 1 - Overgarment
MOPP 2 - Overgarment, Boots
MOPP 3 - Overgarment, Boots, Mask
MOPP 4 - Overgarment, Boots, Mask, Gloves
What does the acronym MOPP stand for?
Mission Oriented Protective Posture
What type of duty does an NCO get when they receive an Article 15?
Supervisory duty only
What are five methods of communication?
Radio, sound, visual, messenger, wire
What are the three types of procedures for MOPP gear exchange?
-Buddy team
-Triple buddy
What inspections or checks are involved in the PMCS?
Before, During, After, Weekly, and Monthly
What leaks, no matter how bad will dead line (DL) a vehicle?
Fuel, and brake fluid
What does SALUTE stand for?
Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, Equipment