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What does ACS stand for?
Army Community Service.
What Army Regulation covers Army Community Service?
AR 608-1.
Who qualifies for ACS?
Miliary personnel and their families. Mostly new personnel just arrining on post.
How can you help ACS?
By donating time to ACS committees, donating useable household utensils, and by donating staple field stuffs to the food lockers.
Why is there as ACS?
To support moral and respond to emergency or crisis in the service member's family.
What is CHAMPUS?
Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniform Service.
What is DEERS?
Defense Enrollment Elligibility Reporting System. It is a program used to obtain dependent ID cards for eligible spouse and children.
What regulation covers the Army Education Center?
AR 621-5.
What is AER?
It is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is soley to help Army personnelk and their family members.
What regulation covers the Army Emergency Releif?
AR 930-4.
How does AER provide relief?
Financial assistance is provided by AER either as a loan without interest, as a grant or as a combination of both.
What is the AER motto?
Helping the Army take care of its own.
How is AER funded?
Through voluntary contributions.
What Army Regulation covers promotion?
AR 600-8-19
What are some of the services ACS can provide?
A lending closet, foodstuff, clothing, day care, finance and marriage counseling.
What Army Regulation covers CHAMPUS?
AR 40-121
What are some Red Cross activities?
Blood Collections, WSwinnimg Lessons, and CPT Instruction.
What Army Regulation covers the Red Cross?
AR 930-5
How does the Red Cross help?
If a family member or relative dies or is terminally ill, and you are notified, you need to have someone notigy the Red Cross so they can verify the emergency to your unit commander, so he/she can arrange emergency leave.