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What is leadership?
Leadership is the process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction and motivation.
What are the factors of leadership?
The led, the leader, the situation and communication
What are the four individual values?
Courage, candor, competence and commitment.
What are the four elements of professional Army ethics?
Loyalty, duty, selfless service and integrity
What is duty?
Duty is a legal or moral obligation to do what should be done without being told to do it.
What is the first step in ethical decision-making dilemma?
Interpret the situation. What is the dilemma?
What manual covers military leadership?
AR 22-100
What are the three basic leadership styles?
Directing, participating and delegating
What are the feedback sources for a complete and accurate leadedership assessment?
The person himself/herself, leaders, peers, subordinates, close friends nad family members, trained leadership assessors.
What should a leader know before he/she leads?
Know yourself, standards, human nature, your job and your unit.
What is integrity?
Being honest and upright, avoiding deception and living the values you suggest for your subordinates
What are the leadership competencies?
Communications, supervision, teaching and counseling, soldier team development, technical proficiency, decision-making, planning, use of available systems and professional ethics.
What leadership style is it if the leader asks for information and recommendations, but he/she still makes the decision?
Participating style
How many principles of leadership are there?
What are the factors and forces that influence decision-making?
Laws, orders, regulations, basic national values, traditional Army values and unit operation values
What is the purpose of leader development?
To develop leaders capable of maintaining a trained and ready army in peacetime to deter war.
Lead in peace, to be prepared for what.
What describes a person's inner strength and is the link between values and behaviors?
What are the actions a leader must take to defeat battle stresses?
Lead your unit, build cohesion, develop confidence, train your unit, develop a physically fit unit and develop a winning attitude.