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What Army regulation prescribes the policies and responsibilities of command, which include military discipline and conduct, as well as the Equal Opportunity Program?
AR 600-20 (para 1-1)
What additional purpose does AR 600-20 serve?
It provides guidance covering military discipline and conduct, precedence of rank, and the military Equal Opportunity (EO) Program.
What is meant by the term "Chain of Command?"
It is the succession of commanders, superior to subordinate, through which command is exercised. It is the most important organizational technique used in the Army today.
What are the three formal channels of communication in the Army?
The Chain of Command, the NCO Support Channel, and Staff and Technical Channels.
Describe the structure of the NCO Support Channel.
It begins with the commander's CSM and ends with the section, squad, or team leader.
How does the chain of command support the NCO support channel?
By legally punishing those who challenge a sergeant's authority.
Who is the only person who performs as both a member of the Chain of Command and the NCO Support Channel?
The section, squad, or team leader.
Who represents the connection between the Chain of Command and the NCO Support Channel?
The senior NCO - though not a formal part of the Chain of Command, the senior NCO MUST know and understand the orders to effectively implement them in the NCO Support Channel. (FM 22-100)
What is "command?"
The authority a person in the military service lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of rank and assignment or position.
Who is the only civilian authorized to exercise command in the military?
The President of the United States.
What are the key elements of command?
Authority and responsibilty.
How does a commander exercise command?
Through subordinate commanders.
What is "milltary rank?"
The relative position or degree of precedence granted military personnel marking their station in military life. It confers eligibility to exercise command or authority in the military within the limits of prescibed law.
Rank in the Army is divided into what classes and grades?
General officer - BG through General, including General of the Army (GA).
Field Officers - Major through Colonel
Company Officers - 2LT through CPT
Warrant Officers - WO1 through CW4, and Master Warrent (CW5).
Cadets - Cadet, Senior Advanced (ROTC) to Cadet, US Military Academy
Candidates - Warrent Officer Candidate to Officer Candidate (OCS)
Senior Noncommissioned Officers - SFC through CSM, including SMA
Junior Noncommissioned Officers and Specialists - SPC, CPL, SGT, SSG
Privates - PV1 through PFC
Rank is generally held by virtue of _______ or ________ in the Army.
Office or grade.
What is the difference between pay grade and rank?
The pay grade is an abbreviated numerical device with useful applications in pay management, personnel accounting, automated data organization, and other administrative fields. However, the pay grade alone should not be used as a form of address or title in place of the proper title of address or grade of rank. When military personnel are addressed or referred to, orally or in writing, the grade of rank will normally be used.
What is the exception to the last sentence in the above question?
Chaplains; all chaplains are addressed as Chaplain, regardless of military grade or professional title.
Describe the precedence of rank between members of the Army and other Services serving with the Army?
Members of other Services serving with the Army have equal status with Army members of equivalent grade of rank.
The abbreviation SP4 for Specialist changed to SPC effective with the implementation of what system?
SIDPERS-3 (Standard Installation Division Personnel System-3)
What is the difference between MANAGEMENT and LEADERSHIP?
Management has an INDIRECT influence on subordinates while leadership has a DIRECT influence on subordinates.
What is the Sergeant Major of the Army?
The senior Sergeant Major grade of rank. It designates the senior enlisted position of the Army.
What is a Command Sergeant Major?
This is the position title designating the senior noncommissioned officer of the command at battalion or higher levels.
What is the difference between a Specialist grade and a noncommissioned officer?
A Specialist is a selected individual (enlisted) appointed to discharge duties requiring a high degree of skill. Normally, their duties do not require exercising enlisted command of troops, which is an NCO's responsibility.
What is an "ADC-S?" ADC-M?"
Assistant Division Commander for Support; Assistant Division Commander for Maneuver.
Which of the above is the ranking ADC?
Generally, the ADC-M.