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AR 600-85
A.S.A.P. -Army Substance Abuse Program
AR 608-1
ACS - Army Community Services
AR 621-5
ACES- Army Continuing Education Center
AR 930-4
AER- Army Emergency Relief
AR 600-20
EO- Equal Opportunity
Falls under AR 600-20
Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program
AR 608-47
AFAP- Army Family Action Plan
AR 930-5
ARC- Army Red Cross
AR 601-280
Army Reenlistment/ Retention Program
AR 385-40
Accidents are reported under the Army Safety Program
AR 385-10
AR 600-8-8
Army Sponsorship Program
QOLP= Army Quality of Life Program
Examples: ACS, AER, Postal Services, PX, MWR,Banking Services, Gym, Clubs
AR 40-121
CHAMPUS= Civilian Health & Medical Program for the Uniformed Services

AR 350-1 Ch. 4
NCODP= Noncomissioned Officer Development Program
AR 600-9
Army Weight Control Program
FM 21-20
Physical Fitness Training
AR 350-1 Ch.1 Section 24
Army Physical Fitness Program
Falls under:FM 3-22.9
M4 Rifle
M16/A2 Rifle
Falls under: FM 3-22.9
M4 Rifle
What does FM 7-0 cover?
Training the Force
FM 6-22
Army Leadership (Competent, Confident and Agile)
AR 623-3
Prescribes the policies for completting evaluation reports that support the Evaluation Reporting System (ERS)
AR 600-8-19
Policies and Procedures of Enlisted Promotions and Reductions
FM 3-25.26
Land Navigation and Map Reading
FM 4-25.11
First Aid
AR 27-10
Military Justice
Uniform Code of Military Justice
AR 600-25
Customs and Courtesies
FM 3-21.5
Drill and Ceremony
FM 7-1
Battle Focused Training
DA PAM 750-8
TAMMS= The Army Maintenance Management Sytem
DA PAM 750-35
Guide for Motor Pool Operations
AR 750-1
Army Material Maintenance Policy
DA PAM 750-1
Leader's Unit Maintenance Handbook