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What FM covers NBC Protection?
FM 3-11.4
What Army Regulation covers the Code of Conduct?
AR 350-30
What Army Regulation covers Wear and Appearance of the Army Uniforms and Insignia?
AR 670-1
What FM covers First Aid?
FM 4-25.11
What Army Regulation covers NCOERs?
AR 623-3
What Army Regulation covers Promotions?
AR 600-8-19
What FM covers Duties and Responsibilities of an NCO?
FM 7-22.7
What FM covers Army Leadership?
FM 6-22
What FM covers Leadership Counseling?
FM 6-22, Apx B
What FM covers Basic Rifle Marksmanship?
FM 3-22.9
What FM covers M16/M4, M249, M240B, Training Principles, PCCs, PCIs, TLPs and Land Navigation?
FM 3.25-26
What Army Regulation covers the MND-C/DSTB Chain of Command?
AR 600-20
What Army Regulation covers Military Justice?
AR 27-10
What FM covers Army Programs and Drill and Ceremony?
FM 3-21.5