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An unplanned, unforseen event which occurs suddenly and at an unspecified place.
Accident Insurance
A type if insurance thta protects the insured against loss due to accidental bodily injury.
Accidental Bodily Injury
Unplanned, unforseen traumatic injury to the body.
Accidental Death and Dismemberment
An insurance policy which pays a specified amount or a specified multiple of the insured's benefit if the insured dies, loses his/her sight, of loses two limbs due to an accident.
Accidental Death Benefits
A policy rider that states that the cause of death will be analyzed to determine if it complies with the policy description of accidental death.
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
An infectious and incurable disease caused by the human immunadeficiency virus (HIV).
Activities of Daily living
Activities individuals must do every day such as moving about, getting dressed, eating, bathing, etc.
Actual Charge
The amounjt a physician or supplier actually bills for particular service or supply.
A contract offered on a "take it or leave it" basis by an insurer, which the insured's only option is to accept or reject the contract. Any ambiguities in the contract will be settled in favor of the sinsured.
Admitted (Authorized) Insurer
An insurance company authorized and licensed to transact insurance in a particular state.
Adult Day Care
A program for impaired adults that attempts to meet their health, social, and functional needs in a setting away fromtheir homes.
Adverse Selection
The tendency of risk withhigher probability of loss to purchase and maintain insurance more often than the risks who present lower probability.