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where are CLASS A fires mainly found?
in the interior by materials located inside the cabin of the aircraft
CLASS B fires occur do to what?
burning fuels and vapors in areas surrounding the incident
what type of fires occur mainly in the fusalage?
CLASS C fires
where can CLASS D fires be located?
anywhere there is metal from the engine to the landing gear
what two broad categories does extinguishing agents fall into?
what are the primary extinguishing agents?
why is water such a high demand at most aircraft related incidents?
1)key ingredient in the production of foam
2)has an excellent capacity for cooling
water should never be used alone against what type of fires?
CLASS B hydrocarbon fuel fires
what primary agent is extremely effective for suppressing combustible vapors and extinguishing hydrocrbon fuel fires?
specific heat is measured in?
British Thermal Units
hydrogen is given a BTU value of what?
2.14 BTU
carbon dioxide (gas) has a BTU value of what?
0.19 BTU
what law defines the amount of heat that is required to turn a liquid onto a vapor?
the Law of Latent Heat of Vaporization
Aircraft fuel spills should be blanketed with foam to prevent the release of flammable vapors if they are what?
1)more than 10FT in any direction
2)50 square feet in area
what is raw foam liquid?
foam concentrate
the device that introduces the foam concentrate into water is?
foam proportioner
the mixture of foam concentrate and water is?
foam solution
the product that results after air is introduced to the foam solution is?
what type of foam concentrate storage can be used directly with in-line or foam-nozzle eductor proportioning systems?