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identify three items commonly checked during the walk around inspection of an apparatus?
1)fuel tanks
2)wheels and tires
3)mounted equipment
the CTIS equipped on your apparatus is used to do what?
adjust the tire pressure
as part of the weekly inspection, the foam transfer pump should be operated for how many seconds to check for proper operations?
10 seconds
the operation of a self-contained breathng apparatus(SCBA) is inspected during what inspection phase?
the in-cab inspection
when inspecting an apparatus steering wheel, the apparatus may have steering problems if the steering whell can be rotated(without moving the fron tires) more than?
10 degrees
whats three items that are covered under a periodic inspection of a fire apparatus?
1)flushing pump and tank
2)cooling system hoses
3)power saws
what are three reasons for using inpection reports?
2)data references
tracking engine performance across time uses data collected in what set of record?
fuel, oil, and mileage records
when is the ARFF apparatus allowed to park in an ILS?
when the ILS system is being used
when approaching the hold position marking from the dash line side what should you do?
proceed without stopping
when driving on a downgrade what should your RPM gauge read?
below red line
when maneuvering around obstructions in the roadway what shouldnt you do.
approach obstructions from the right side of the apparatus