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sudden, life threatening deterioration of gas exchange function of the lungs
restlessness, H/A, dyspnea, tachycardia
early s/s associated with impaired oxygenation
what is the overall goal with ARF
restore adequate gas exchange
look for the underlying cause and fix it
what should the nurse be ready to do with these pt's?
intubate--have supplies ready
take ABG's
what should the nurse monitor?
LOC, ABG's, SaO2, VS
more obvious sugn that ARF is progressing?
sudden progressive disorder
characterization of ARDS
PE, sever dyspnea, hypoxemia, decreased lung compliance
why do ARDS pt's get septic?
O2 is shunted away from gut and bacteria in the gut ends up everywhere
when someone has ARDS what happened before and how long before?
lung injury, 12-48h
with ARDS, what will the ABG's show first?
respiratory alkalosis. Very low PaO2, normal or low PaCo2, elevated pH
what is the difference in the chest x-ray in a pt with ARDS than a pt with PE
ARDS-normal sized heart
whited out lungs
what isa a Swan-Ganz catheter used for?
assess pulmonary wedge pressures direct measurement for what is going on in the right atrium (normal in ARDS)
what is the normal pressure in the pulmonary wedge?
what kind of vents are used for ARDS?
what is the normal range for PEEP? what can happen over 15?
5-20, pneumothorax
in you nursing care with the pt on vent, what are the 4 things that need to be covered?
oxygenation, communication, nutrition, saftey
with ARF you will see a fall in PaO2 to <____mmhg and a pH of < ____
50, 7.35