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Fagu Shoe-Last Factory
-Alfred, Germany
-Rectangular with windows on the corner
-Cantilevered walls with glass on most of them
A.E.G. Turbine Factory
-Berlin, Germany
-Rectangular with a semicircle on top
Bauhaus Buliding
-Dessau, Germany
-A school
-Glass and steel with reinforced concrete
-Came up with new ideas of modernism
Guggenheim Museum
-New York, NY
-concrete spiral that spiraled downward so people looking at the art didnt get tired
S.C. Johnson & Son, Administrative Building and Research Tower
-Racine, WI
-Reinforced concrete columns and floor slabs with brick and glass tubing windows
-Cantilevered floors
Talesin West
-Scottsdale, AZ
-Desert rubble wall construction
-Franki Lloyd Wright lived there in his later years
Falling Water
-Bear Run, PA
-Field stone bearing walls, reinforced concrete decks and beams
-Cantilevered from live rock
Price Tower
-Bartlesville, OK
-Cantilevered like a tree
-Used diamonds for modules on the floor plan
-Tall building
Jacobs House
-Madison, WI
-Was created by Wright to be a plan for more houses all over America
-The side by the streed was very plain and had no windows
-Had hot water heating in the floors
Broadacre City
-Project for the ideal city
-Planned to decentralize the urban cities -> was anti-urban
-Set a vision for a new America
Unity Temple
-Oak Park, IL
-Church - made symmetricle
Larkin Office Building
-Buffalo, NY
-Steel frame with brick top
-Corner stair towers
Parson Capon House
-Topsfield, MA
-Big Fireplace in the middle to heat the house
Robie House
-Chicago, IL
-Very long and rectangular
-Urban residence with cantilevered roof
-Brick bearing walls
-Picturesque circulation-
not symmetricle
Willits House
-Highland Park, IL
-Suburban Residence
-All colored glass
-Casement windows that open out
-Picturesque circulation - not symmetricle
National Farmers' Bank
-Owatonna, MN
-Very modern - went against the traditional design for a bank
-Steel, brick, glazed terra cotta
Tribune Tower
-Chicago, IL
-Designed for competition
-Gothic design with buttresses at the top
-Very tall building
Reliance Buliding
-Chicago, IL
-Chicago school
-Used the chicago window
-Had terra cotta over the steel to fire protect it and decorate it at the same time
Monadnock Block
-Chicago, IL
-Brick, iron and glass
-Not steel frame = load bearing
-walls were 3ft thick at the bottom
Home Insurance Building
-Chicago, IL
-Steel frame with rusticated bricks at the bottom
Equitable Building
-New York City, NY
-Classical design - made it look longer than it was tall but it was actually 10 stories tall
-Exterior bearing walls
-Had elevators
Wainwright Building
-St. Louis, MO
-Office building
-1st tall building in the world
-Symmetricle ornamental entrance
Wright House
-Oak Park, IL
-Suburban house in the picuresque design
Isaac Bell House
-Newport, Rhode Island
-Summer home with a big veranda that did not actually have the entrance to the house in the front like one would expect
-Sussex County, England
-Country estate
-Looks like it is growing out of a cliff
-Had a central courtyard, but it was not symmetricle
-Looks somewhat like a castle
The Red House
-Bexley Heath, England
-Country residence
-Implemented hand crafts
-Had different juts out of the house
Blaise Hamlet
-Nr. Bristol, England
-Very rounded roofs -> looks a bit like a tree house
-Retirement cottages
Eiffel Tower
-Paris France
-Inverted, two-hinged, arched trusses
-Had elevators to the top where there was an apartment of the designer
Galerie Des Machines
-Paris, France
-Housed an exhibition of heavy industrial machinery as a part of the world's fair
-Steel and Glass
-Very big and had arched trusses and a very classical entrance
Haughwout Store
-New York City, NY
-1st Building to have passenger elevators
-All iron but looks like stone
-Like Palazzo Farnese
-Had domed windows
Seagram Building
-New York, NY
-Very tall building
-Lifted off the ground
860-880 Lakeshore Dr
-Chicago, IL
-Tall buidlings connected and lifted off the ground
-Steel frame using universal space
Farnsworth House
-Plano, IL
-Single Family House
-Lifted off the ground and surrounded by windows
Crown Hall
-IIT - Chicago, IL
-Used universal space subdivided with non-bearing walls
-Had large windows
Illinois Institute of Technology
-Chicago, IL
-Subdivided exterior with large windows
Barcelona Pavilion
-Barcelona, Spain
-A national exhibit at an international fair
-Only had planes, no individual rooms
-Handcrafted aspect -> different than the Bauhaus
University Museum
-Oxford, England
-Entirely Iron and Glass on the inside - brick exterior
-Looks like a large castle
Bibliotheque Ste-Genevieve
-Paris, France
-Housed a large research library and reading room
-Had interior metal arches
-Large domed windows and door openings
-Chatsworth, England
-Refracted Light differently
-Looked like a domed greenhouse
-Used post and lintel and wooden arches
Crystal Palace
-London, England
-Housed the Great Exhibition of the Industry of all nations
-Looked like a pyramidal greenhouse
-Cast iron, wrought iron, glass and wood
-Had a plan like a Basilica
Field Museum of Natural History
-Chicago, IL
-Large columns in the front middle
Pennsylvania Station
-New York, NY
-Imitated the Baths of Caracalla
-Steel and glass covered train shed
-Large domed windows on the top level
-Paris, France
-Domed opera house with rectangular doors and pedimented windows on top
Burnham's Plan for Chicago
-Had a circular center with the city splitting up from there
-Went all the way up to the lake with only a small grassy area around the lake
World's Columbian Exposition
-Chicago, IL
-International fair to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America
-Groups of buildings around bodies of water
-Classical in style
Plan of Washington DC
-Comparable to Versailles
-Had diamond shaped planning with major intersections in multiple places
Arc De Triomphe de l'Etoile
-Paris, France
-Monument of the French Empire
-Very huge Arc for Napolean Bonaparte
Versailles Palace
-Near Paris, France
-French Garden Planning
-No corridors, just openings in rooms
-The streets split away from the palace in 3 directions
S. Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane
-Church dedicated to St. Charles
-On a corner - very ornate
-Exhibits Baroque features
The Piazza of St. Peter's
-Vatican City, Rome
-Crow's foot plan with 3 main streets
-Rome, Italy
-Urban space serving the civic govt in Rome
-Site of palaces and public ceremonial functions
-Overlooking the Roman Forum
-Irregular dispositions of buildings
-Statue of Marcus Aurelius in the center
-Facade with Giant Order columns
-Near Charlottesville, VA
-Residence of Thomas Jefferson
-Two main facades with temple fronts
-Octagonal dome on top
-Planning for domestic convenience and comfort
Chiswick House
-Middlesex, England
-Temple looking country residence
-Square plan with octagonal central space and dome
-Used paladian windows in the back
-2 Stairways to the front entrance
Villa Rotonda
-Near Vicenza Italy
-Country residence in the shape of a Temple
-Bearing walls with post and lintel, arches and a dome
-Based off the Pantheon
Farnese Palace
-Rome, Italy
-Palatial residence
-Square block of rooms around a central courtyard rising through 3 levels
-Facade with three levels, a large cornice, and quoins on the corners
-Third story has pedimented windows
Saint Peter's Basilica
-Vatican City, Rome, Italy
-Piazza with a Greek cross plan to commemorate the burial place of St. Peter
-Colossal Columns and a double shell dome
Tempietto at San Pietro
-Rome, Italy
-Chapel to commemorate the site of St. Peter's Martyrdom
-Post and lintel dome
-Circular colonnade of Tuscan columns
Rucellai Palace
-Florence, Italy
-Urban residence
-Three stories with different types of columns on each level - like the Colosseum
-Pilasters and cornices at three levels and bifora
Medici Palace
-Florence, Italy
-Facade in three levels with large cornice
-Rusticated masonry at the base with large arches
Palazzo Vecchio
-Florence, Italy
-Town Hall
-Facade built of rusticated masonry and biforia
-Looks like a castle with a tower
San Lorenzo
-Florence, Italy
-Parish and Monastery Church
-Transeptal Basilica with aisles, clerestory, and chapels
-Followed the example of ancient Roman basilicas
Loggia Dei Lanzi
-Florence, Italy
-Covered walkway with three arches
Santa Maria Novella
-Florence, Italy
-Dominican Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary
-4-part ribbed vaults, without galleries or clerestory
-In the shape of a T
Ospedale Degli Innocenti
-Florence, Italy
-An orphanage or founding hospital
-Cross axial arcade with pedimented windows on top
-Loggia in the composite order
Dom-ino House
-Project for a prefabricated house
Citrohan House
-Project for a standard house type
-Stood on piloti
-Used the 5 components of Le Corbusier
. Lifted off the ground
. Steel or concrete frame
. flat roof for gardern
. curtain walls
. free plan
Villa Savoye
-Poissy, France
-Steel, reinforced concrete, plaster and glass
-Looked like a ship
-Countryside residence
-Stood on piloti
-Had very thin and long windows
Unite D'Habitation
-Marseilles, France
-Elevated on piloti
-Apartments each two stories high
-Had a roof terrace with recreational facilities
-Fifth floor had shops and restuarants
-Had everything = abstract function
Chapel of Notre-Dame-Du-Haut
-Ronchamp, France
-Pilgrimage church
-stone, gunite, and plaster
-Used reinforced concrete
-Lit from the top with roof monitors
-Had an outdoor chapel
Piazza D'Italia
-New Orleans, LA
-Open-air plaza
-Based off Las Vegas style Italy
-Very colorful
Children's Museum
-Houston, TX
-Childrens Museum and educational institution
-Had very large pillars and was very colorful
-Had caryakids instead of columns -> played on the history of architecture
New State Gallery
-Stuttgart, Germany
-Theater and gallery space addition to existing museum
-Glazed stone finish
-Played on the history of architecture
Institut Du Monde Arabe
-Paris, France
-Library and Research center
-Very modern, metal and glass - curved
-Used islamic patterns -> high tech, opened and closed depending on exterior light
Wexner Center
-Columbus, OH
-Very rectangular boxes
-Art Gallery and Library
-Seemed to have a pathway in between the buildings
J. Paul Getty Museum
-Los Angeles, CA
-Art museum, archive and research center
-Had rounded features on the top
Guggenheim Museum
-Bilbao, Spain
-Art Museum
-Very ornate metal detail on the outside
-Sketched it in arch 171
-Had a metal fencing on it on the outside
Milwaukee Art Museum, Addition
-Milwaukee, WI
-art museum
-Very big ornamented metal work on the top in white
-Looked like a bird on the top of it with a small building below