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Who built the Guggenheim museum in New York?
Frank Llyod Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright
Examples include the Kaufmann House (also known as Fallingwater) in Pennsylvania; the Johnson Wax Museum in Racine, Wisconsin; and Taliesin West, his Arizona home and studio. (The original Taliesin, in Wisconsin, burned down in 1914). Other notable Wright works are the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, the Larkin Building in Buffalo, the Unity Temple in Oak Park, and the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, one of few buildings to survive a 1923 earthquake.
Walter Gropius (1883 - 1969)

most known work?
Founding the Bauhaus. A school for archetects
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Leading archetect in what international design?
Skyscrapers His work includes the barcelona pavillion from the 1929 international exposition

"Less is More"
I.M Pei
Chinese-American Architect built the lourve and john hancock building
when fire destroyed london in 1666 this architect helped rebuild the churches
Sir Christopher Wren
Wrote a "Towards a new Architecture" and his known for the villa sovoye
Le corbusier
Mostly associated with Chicago skyscrapers this architect is mostly known for the wainwright building in St. Louis.
Louis Sullivan (1856-1924)
1377-1446 this archetect created the octagonal dome idea after he lost the design contest to ghiberti for the french baptistry
won the 1989 pretzki prize, known for large scale comps. like the walt disney concert hall in LA
Frank Gehry
Designed many airports like dulles and TWA terminal but is most famous for the Gateway arc in St. Louis
Eero Saarinen
This early 20th century Barcelona architect made the caso batllo apartments
Antonio Gaudi y Cornet