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Babylonian Epic Story
Enuma Elish
Sumerian scribe hoped to support belief that Sumerian kings always ruled, people lived longer
Sumerian Kings list
Flood according to Babylonian account, difference is Biblical Monotheism
Gilgamesh Epic
15,000 Clay tablets, record Biblical parallels, earliest mention of Israel
Ebla Tablets
Clay tablets that are primary source for cultural and social life in Northern Mesopotamia
Nuzi Tablets
The laws that have much similarity to Mosaic law, on an 8 foot stone
Hammurabi Code
Pharoah of Egypt, mentions Israel as one of the countries he attacked
Merneptah Stele
twelve month lunar calandar, gave example of Hebrew text during time of Solomon
Gezer Calendar
list of prime ministers, or limmu, clarifies the chronology of the kingsq
Eponym List
Discovered in a building just west of the Omri-Ahab palace, probably during the reign of Jeroboam II
Samaria Ostraca
Pictures Jehu kissing the ground in submission before Assyrian Monarch
Black Obelisk Stele
Information about Omri, enjoyed great political prestige
Moabite Stone
Talks about Sargon the II of Assyria, Shalmaneser V
Nimrud Prism
Grave stone was found, king of Judah
Uzziah' grave stone
Copper ring with a ram and a man on it, likely belonged to an official of this king
Seal of Jotham
An inscription found near the exit at the tunnel carved out by Hezekiah
Siloam Inscription
Hezekiah was shut up like a bird in this
Taylor Prism