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4 units of analysis in settlement archaeology
activity areas, households, settlements/communities, regional settlement patterns
activity areas give info about...
...subsistence activities, seasonality, craft specialization
households give info about...
degree of sedentism, family social structure, division of labor, religion
settlements/communities give info about...
degree of sedentism, socio-political-economic organization, religion, social conflict
regional settlement patterns give info about...
population movements, socio-political-economic organization, religion, social conflict
2 types of trade systems
direct acquisition, down-the-line trade
what method is used to trace obsidian?
energy dispersive x-ray flourescence
what 2 methods are used to trace ceramics?
instrumental neutron activation analysis, petrographic analysis
4 rules for production and use of symbols cover:
form, placement, when it can be used, meaning
hopewell interaction sphere
the common set of symbols in midwestern US between 200 BC and AD 400
3 types of rock art
pictographs, lichenographs, petroglyphs
having multiple meanings
things that emerged in the upper paleolithic
wall art, art objects, decorted tools
when was the magdalenian culture in existence?
upper paleolithic
culture is the expression of unconscious thought and reasoning
a natural object from which a group believes itself to be descended
one who can contact spirit world
bridging argumnets
make if...then statements about hypotheses and expectations
middle-range theory links ____ to ____
human behavior, observable data
middle-range theory is based on
causal linkages
making tool more hardy by subjecting it to heat
piece of stone that is worked
working a stone tool
flutes were found on ___ and ____ projectile points
folsom, clovis
channel flake
flake removed to create flute
social status was ____ in moundville
2 axes of social patterning in moundville
superordinate (hereditary), subordinate (age/sex)
moundville was a...
at moundville, used ___ and ___ to determine how well elite ate
faunal remains, bone chemistry
how organisms become part of archaeological record
mayan texts on long strips of paper