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(Major Centers of New World Plant Domestication)
Early centers of Domestication:
-Mesoamerica (maize, beans, squash, sweet potatoes)
-Central Andes (Centered on Peru) (potatoes, quinoa)
-Lowland Tropics (Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru) (squashes, manioc)
(Major Centers of New World Plant Domestication)
Later areas of Cultivation Activity:
-N Souch America
-E North America
Considered to be the direct ancestor of modern maize.
Six Main Mazize Varieties:
Agents that cause mutations
Tehuacan Valley, Mexico (highlands)
-Coxcatlan Rock Shelter:
-Earliest occupations, people lived by hunting horses & deer with stone tipped spears, collecting wild plants, hunting jackrabbits.
-50-60% of food came from game 10,000 B.C.
-After 8000 B.C. people shifted more to wild plant foods
-By 4,500 B.C., 90% of their diet was based on tropical grasses, cacti & maguey
-after 2500 B.C. crops like beans, amaranth, gourds & very small corn were being grown, stored, ground with metates, and people were living in larger settlements.