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Juan Bautista Villapando's works
Reconstruction of the Temple of Solomon (SPAIN)
Philbert De L'orme's works
Chateau of Anet, Trompe (squinch) - garden room (FRANCE)
Indigo Jones
English pioneer for decent architecture
Divine model, reconstruct temple of Solomon based of Ezekiel's vision of heavenly Jerusalem
Philbert De L'orme
French Order, column and tree trunk represent good and bad architects
Benedetto Bordon
Woodcut illustrations of Hyperotomachia Poliphili
Friar Francesco Colonna
Dream - Hyperotomachia Poliphilid
Alberti's works
San Francesco, Santa Maria Novella, San Sebastiano, Rucellai Palace (reconstruction)
Brunelleschi's works
Hospital of innocent, Tower of St. Maria Del Fiore, Pazzi Chapel, St. Maria Delgi Angeli
Man approaches infinite perfection which is God
Friar Luca Pacioli
Book on divine proportion, geometry a ladder for spiritualization of matter, "squaring the circle"
Donato Bramante's works
San Pietro, Montorio
Francesco Di Giorgio
"Theater of machine"
Filippo Brunelleschi
Liked rounded arches
Leon Battista Alberti
Book - On the Art of Building in Ten Books
Asam brothers
St. Vohn Nepomuk (Asamskirche)
Fischer Von Erlach's works
Schonbrunn Palace, Karlskircher Church
Johan Bernhard Fischer Von Erlach
History book - Entwurff, synthetically forming something new, comprehensive history
Borromini's works
St. Carlo Aue Fontane, St. Mary Oratory of the Filipini, St. Ivo Della Sapienza
Bernini's works
Palazzo Barbarini, Andrea Al Quirinate, Colonnade of St. Peter's, Scala Regia
Baroque Synthesis
Folds in soul
Francesco Borromini
Spaces flow, undulation of walls
Giovani Lorenzo Bernini
Drapery and shadows, "anything beautiful not found in nature should be produced"
Universe seen from the viewpoints of the infinite monads
Linear perspective
Significant in Reniassance and Baroque
Jesuit perspective
God's eye as a vantage point of absulute truth, 'quadratura'
Michelangelo's resistance to perspective
Expressing depth by movement of a figure
Alberti's theory of perspective
A window frame (picture frame)
Perspectiva Artificiales
Reniassance Linear Perspective, "measured" reality
Perspectiva Naturalis
Ellid's cone of vision, divine light
Niccolo Tribolo's works
Villa Medici at Castello
Michelozzo Michelozzi's works
Villa Medici at Fiesole, Academy of neo-platonism
Vignola's works
The Gesu, Rome
Michelangelo's works
Fresco of Sistine Chapel, Medici of Chapel of San Lorenzo, Vestibule of Laurentian Library, Fortifications in Rome, Capitoline in Rome
Jesuit Order
St. Ignatius's spiritual exercises, meta-physical visualization
Giant order, building elements as muscles, poems and love
Andrea Palladio's works
Basilica in Vicenza, Plazzo Valmarana, Villa Capra, Teatro Olimpico
Vicenzo Scarmozzi's works
Villa Bardellini (shadow tracer)
Guilio Camillo
Memory theater
Andrea Palladio
Four books on architecture: 1 - relate whole and parts, 2 - beautiful should be exposed, 4 - Pantheon curves and unity
Indigo Jones's works
Queen's house, banqueting house (ENGLAND)
Juan De Hererra's works
Design of Escorial in Madrid, palace/monastery/college/sanctuary (SPAIN)
Father Guarino Guarini
Writing, "woven dome" of light and stone, luminous and diaphanous, light is an accident, matter is a conserver of light
Guarini's works
San Lorenzo, S.S. Sindone
Jesuit architectural approach to divinity
Cross-cultural experiments
Claude Perrault
Book - Ordonnance, French translation of Vitruvius, proportion lost, microcosm and marcocosm, theory of "positive" and "arbitrary" beauties
Christopher Wren
Influence from Italian Renniassance books, Influence of French theoretial writings, two beauties: "natural, customary"
Academy of Architecture, France
Beginning of architecture education, seperation of design and construction
Claude Perrault's works
Colonnade of Louvre
Christopher Wren's works
St. Paul, London - English Baroque: mixutre of Reniassance and Medieval