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شَيء - أَشياء

thing; (+neg) nothing

أَمر - أُمور

thing, affair

طَيِّبَة - ات

good thing

خَطب - خُطوب
affair, matter

مَسأَلَة - مَسائِلُ

matter, question, subject, problem

حال - أَحوال
condition, state, case (m/f)
حالَة - ات
condition, state, case
نَوع - أَنواع
sort, kind

فُرصَة - فُرَص

opportunity, chance, good occasion

اِغتَنَمَ / اِستَغنَمَ الفُرصَةَ
to seize the opportunity
عادَة - ات / عَواعِدُ
custom, habit
عادي / اِعتِيادي
habitual, customary
تَعَوَّدَ بِ - - V
to be accustomed (to)
اِعتادَ بِ - - VIII
to be accustomed (to)
عَدِمَ - يَعدَمُ - عَدَم
to lack, want
عازَ - يَعوزُ - عَوز
to need, want, lack
ناقِص - نُقّاص
deficient, missing, wanting, lacking

وَجَبَ - يَجِبُ

to be necessary

لَزِمَ - يَلزَمُ - لُزوم
to be necessary
عَندَ اللُزوم
in case of need
اِستَلزَمَ - - X
to make necessary, require
ضَرورَة - ات
ضاعَ - يَضيعُ - ضَيع / ضَياع
to be lost
أَضاعَ - - IV
to lose
فَقَدَ - يَفقِدُ - فَقد / فِقدان
to lose
مَفقود - ونَ
lost, missing
عَطَّلَ - - II
to neglect, leave without work
فَتَّشَ عَن - - II
to look for
وَجَدَ - يَجِدُ - وُجود
to find
نَسِيَ - يَنسى - نَسي / نِسيان
to forget
تَوَقَّفَ - - V
to hesitate
صانَ - يَصونُ - صَون/ صِيانَة
to preserve, maintain
حافَظَ عَلى - - III
to preserve, maintain
خَفِيَ عَلى - يَخفى
to be hidden (from)
hidden, concealed
hidden, concealed
أَخفى - - IV
to conceal
اِختَفى - - VIII
to disappear, hide, vanish

حَجَبَ - يَحجُبُ - حَجب

to conceal, hide

اِحتَجَبَ - - VIII
to conceal os
غَطّى - تَغطِيَة - - II
to cover up, conceal
كَشَفَ - يَكشِفُ - كَشف
to uncover, examine, reveal
اِنكَشَفَ - - VII
to be uncovered, revealed
اِكتَشَفَ - - VIII
to discover, find out
باحَ - يَبوحُ - بَوح
to be revealed, divulged; to reveal, divulge
أَعَدَّ - - IV
to prepare
preparedness, ability, aptitude
يَسَّرَ عَلى - - II
to facilitate
تَيَسَّرَ - - V
to be facilitated
عاجِز عَن
unable to
impossible, absurd
تَعَذَّرَ عَلى - - V
to be impossible
اِستَطاعَ - - X
to be able, can
مِن المُمكِنِ أَن
it is possible that
مَكَّنَ مِن - - II
to enable (sb) to do
أَمكَنَ - - IV
to enable, be possible
تَمَكَّنَ مِن - - V
to be enabled
تَمَكُّن مِن
ability to
إِمكانِيَة - ات
ability, capability
قَدَرَ - يَقدِرُ - قُدرَة / مَقدورَة
to be able
بِقَدرِ الأِمكان
as much/far as possible
قادِر عَلى
able to do sth
اِقتَدَرَ عَلى - - VIII
to be able to do sth
قابِل لِ
capable of, subject to


probable, possible, bearable

مِن المُحتَمَلِ أَن
it is possible that
اِستَجمَعََ - - X
to gather, collect
فَصَلَ - يَفصِلُ - فَصل
to separate
اِصطَفى - - VIII
to choose
مُختار - ات
unity; unit; solitude
قَصَدَ اِلى - يَقصِدُ - قَصد
to seek, aim (at)
أَظهَرَ - - IV
to show
أَرى - - IV
to show
عَرَضَ - يَعرِضُ - عَرض
to offer, present; happen to
عارِض - عَوارِضُ
obstacle, accident, anomalous condition
أَخَذَ - يَأخُذُ - أَخذ
to take
أَحضَرَ - - IV
to fetch, get
نالَ - يَنولُ - نَيل
to attain, obtain
ناوَلَ - - III
to give, hand to
تَناوَلَ - - VI
to obtain, receive, partake
في مُتَناوَلِهِ
within sb's reach
حَصَلَ عَلى - يَحصُلُ - حُصول
to acquire, obtain
سَلَّمَ اِلى - - II
to deliver (sth) to
تَسَلَّمَ - - V
to take over, receive
بَلَغَ - يَبلُغُ - بُلوغ
to reach
أَعارَ - - IV
to lend
اِستَعارَ - - X
to borrow
اِستَعمَلَ - - X
to use
حَلَّ - يَحُلُّ - حُلول
to replace
حَلَّ مَحَلَّ
to take the place of
حَدَثَ - يَحدُثُ
to happen, occur
أَحدَثَ - - IV
to cause to happen, bring into being
جَرى - يَجري - جَري
to take place, occur
مَثَّلَ - - II
to represent, act
تَمَثَّلَ - - V
to appear (before sb)
قائِم - ونَ
standing, existing
حَضَرَ - يَحضُرُ
to be present
ready, present
غابَ - يَغيبُ
to be absent
غائِب - ونَ / غُيّاب
حاوَلَ - - III
to attempt, try
اِبتَعَدَ - - VIII
to avoid
مَنَعَ (مِن) - يَمنَعُ - مَنع
to prevent, keep (from)
اِمتَنَعَ (عَن - - VIII
to refuse, abstain (from)
رَفََضَ - يَرفُضُ - رَفض
to reject, refuse, discard

وَدَعَ - يَدَعُ - وَدع

to put down; (+ imperf or imperative) leave, let

فَعَلَ - يَفعَلُ - فَعل / فِعل
to do, make

طَلَبَ - يَطلُبُ - طَلَب

to seek, ask

أَوصى - - IV
to charge, command
اِستَأنَفَ - - VIII
to appeal; begin anew
أَدرى - - IV
to inform, teach
لَحِقَ - يَلحَقُ - لَحق / لَحاق
to catch up, overtake; concern
تَبِعَ - يَتبَعُ - تَبَع
to follow, concern
باشَرَ - - III
to be in direct contact
directly, immediately
تَوَقَّعَ - - V
to expect

سَمَحَ بِ - يَسمَحُ - سَماح

to allow, permit

كَسَرَ - يَكسِرُ - كَسر
to break
غَلَقَ - يَغلِقُ - غَلق
to close

أَصبَحَ - - IV

to become

صارَ - يَصيرُ - صَير/صَيرورَة
to become, come to be; (+ imperf) begin to, go
ظَلَّ - يَظَلُّ - ظَلّ / ظُلول
to be(come); (+ imperf.) he remained, continued to
أَصَرَّ عَلى - - IV
to persist in
جَديد - جُدُد
تَجَدَّدَ - - V
to be renewed
good, prosperity
خَير مِن
better than
أَفضَل مِن
preferable to, better than
the best
رَديء - أَردِياءُ
ناسَبَ - - III
to suit, be suitable
مُناسِب لِ
suitable (for)


more/most adequate, appropriate

حَقّ (بِ

تَكاليف المَعيشَة

right, true; worthy (of)

abundant, much
مُهِمّ - مَهامُّ
hard, severe, troublesome
ضَرَر - أَضرار
ما الضَرَر؟
what's the harm of it? what does it matter?
ضَرب - ضُروب
kind, manner
مَليح - مِلاح
pleasant; salty
غَريبَة - غَرائِبُ
strange thing, a wonder, peculiarity
طَور - أَطوار
stage, time, state
مَشهَد - مَشاهِدُ
scene, spectacle, place of martyrdom
customary, usual
مُتَعارَف عَلَيهِ
customary, common
اِضطَرَّ إِلى - - VIII
to force (to): (passive) to be forced (to)
مُضطَرّ إِلى
forced, compelled (to)
غَصب / غَصباً
force, compulsion/forcibly, by force
أَلَحَّ عَلى - - IV
to press, insist, urge
دانَ لِ - يَدينُ
to submit, yield to
أَوجَبَ - - IV
to cause, make binding
أَنسى - - IV
to cause to forget
تَناسى - - VI
to pretend to forget; feign forgetfulness
أَهمَلَ - - IV
to neglect, ignore
قَصَّرَ - - II
to be negligent
غَلِطَ - يَغلَطُ - غَلَط
to make a mistake, err

عَكَّرَ - - II

to make turbid, muddle, confuse

أَعكَرَ - - IV
to make turbid, muddle, confuse
وَقى - يَقي - وَقي / وِقايَة
to safeguard, protect
غَشِيَ - يَغشى - غَشاوَة
to cover, conceal
كَتَمَ - يَكتُمُ - كَتم / كِتمان
to hide, keep secret
خَبَأَ -يَخبَأُ
to hide, conceal

كَمَنَ - يَكمُنُ - كُمون

to hide, be hidden

سَتَرَ - يَستُرُ - سَتر
to cover, veil

اِستَتَرَ - - VIII

to be veiled/hidden

تَغَطَّى - - V
to be covered up, concealed

اِستَنبَطَ - - X

to extract, discover, find out

فاتَ - يَفوتُ - فَوت/فَوات
to vanish, escape, elude

تَلاشى - - VI

to suppress, disappear

هَيَّأَ - - II
to prepare (tr)

جَهَّزَ - - II

to prepare (tr)

جازَ - يَجوزُ - جَواز
to be permissible, possible, to pass
تَسَنّى - - V
to be facilitated, made possible
impossible, absurd

اِنعَزَلَ عَن - - VII

to be isolated from


اِنتَقى - - VIII

to choose, select

أَلحَقَ بِ - - IV
to annex, join to, attach to
قَرَنَ - يَقرِنُ - قَرن
to join, couple, connect
اِلتَصَقَ - - VIII
to get stuck, cling
وَزَّعَ - تَوزِعَة - - II
to distribute
حَرَمَ - يَحرِمُ - حِرمان
to deprive
وَهَبَ - يَهَبُ - وَهب
to present, give, grant
اِستَعادَ - - X
to retain, recapture
تَظاهَرَ - - VI
to feign, make a show of, demonstrate
تَغَاضى عَن - - VI
to disregard (sth), pretend not to notice
طَرَأَ عَلى - يَطرُؤُ - طُروء
to happen unexpectedly
وَرَدَ - يَرِدُ - وُرود
to occur; to arrive
أَلفى - - IV
to find, notice
كَون / كِيان
existence, presence, nature, being
أَبى - يَأبي - إِباء /إِباءَة
to refuse, reject
أَنكَرَ - - IV
to deny
هَجَرَ - يَهجُرُ - هَجر/هِجران
to forsake, abandon
عَزَمَ - يَعزِمُ - عَزم /عَزيمَة
to decide, resolve (on)
تَطَلَّبَ - - V
to require
أَوفَدَ - - IV
to send
شَيَّدَ - - II
to build up
اِنحَرَفَ (عَن - - VII
to swerve, deviate (from)
تَوَسَّلَ إِِلى - - V
to get the means to; implore, seek
طَوى - يَطوي - طَيّ
to fold, fold up
صَرَمَ - يَصرِمُ - صَرم/صُرم
to cut off, sever
لاءَمَ - - III
to suit, agree with, be appropriate
great, important, momentous
ذو أَهَمِّيَةٍ
important, of importance
نَظير - نُظَراءُ
similar, equal, corresponding to