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Symmetrical communication
Equality between partners.
Complementary communication
Inequality between partners, with one member taking a dominant role and the other a submissive role.
Forced-choice method
Effective at reducing rater bias. Consists of statements about job performance that both appear equally favorable or unfavorable.
Relationship between age and intelligence.
Verbal IQ stable until 70. Performance IQ declines in 20's.
Intelligence genetic link/siblings
Strong genetic link. Siblings reared together .48, .46 apart. Identical twins .88 reared together and .74 apart.
Alcohol-Induced Amnestic Disorder
AKA: Korsakoff's Syndrome: Most common causes of amnesia due to thiamine deficiency. Impaired ability to learn new info (anterograde amnesia) OR inability to recall old information (retrograde amnesia). Greatest impairment is among more recent memories, remote more intact.
Motivational Interviewing
Miller, based on Prochaska and DiClemente trans-theoretical model of change. Process/stages. Interventions match client's stage.
Damage to hippocampus
Deficits in explicit memory -conscious recall of facts.
Damage to medial-temporal lobes least likely to cause deficits in:
Short-term memory. This is most associated with pre-frontal cortex.
Parents of aggressive children:
Inconsistent punishment not connected to behavior.
"Identical elements"
Concept based on the work of Thorndike and Woodworth. Training is best transferred over to situations similar to or "identical elements" of training environment. Improves transfer.
Warrent for client?
If no indication client is in imminent danger to self or others, obligated to protect confidentiality. However, notify client of information and discuss option for turning themself in.
Utilization Review
Cost-containment procedure to evalute patients' use of services to identify any unnecessary or inappropriate use of health care resources.